Fantastic game tonight

December 2, 2006

It’s 0-0 after two periods, but man, has there been plenty of action. Both goaltenders have been amazing.

Rockford’s Jesse Bennefield received a slashing major and a game misconduct, and the Komets’ Mario Larocque recieved an instigation penalty for retaliating. UHL President Richard Brosal is in attendance tonight and the league is going to review whether the instigation penalty was the proper call since Larocque could argue that he was simply defending himself from the slash. I’ll let you know what I hear.

Another highlight was a beautiful hip check by Mike Dombkiewicz. Haven’t seen one of those lately and it was perfectly executed.

Great game to watch so far.


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  1. Nick Says:

    Brosal wouldn’t know a penalty if he saw one. That guy is an embarrassment to the league.

  2. Tony E Says:


  3. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    The instigation penalty is horrible. A guy takes a brutal slash and then can’t defend himself. That rule needs to be removed from hockey.

    Anyone want to say why this was the most entertaining game of the year? It was by far the most exciting.

  4. dnl Says:


  5. K'srule Says:

    Did you see Cloutier grabbing his crotch after the final whistle?

  6. Brandon Says:

    I think Cloutier was simply saying that Cockburn would be with the team when they come back on the 26th of this month.

  7. jc Says:

    It’s too bad Cloutier did all that at the end of the game. He played fantastic for Rockford. My thoughts on the game:
    1. Good to see Mario get physical again.
    2. Good physical game tonight. Pretty entertaining.
    3. Great goals by Rudenko, the first one from a great pass from Ruid.
    4. Frenchy is on top of his game this year!

  8. K'srule Says:

    So he did it? I couldn’t see. But I heard he had something like that

  9. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Lizon looks scary skating around out there. I was worried he might take little Artie’s head off at the end of the game or several other of the players. I hate Rockford with a passion. They goon it up constantly and Mizzi has to be the biggest baby in the league. Goaltender was an idiot at the end of the game.

    How was that bet you offered up Scoops? You guaranteed that McWhinney would play one of the games this weekend? Oh right, I didn’t bet you because I had lunch with coach this week. Good one Scoops.

    Glad to see the guys are stepping up and making big hits on the ice. That is a must for this team to beat the other good teams in this league.

    The new D-Man looked awesome. And why Honkenan sat out for Artie to play….I will never understand. Honker plays as sound and strong at defense as anyone. I just don’t see what the rest of you see in little Artie. He would make a better forward. My opinion.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Awesome game … best of the year so far.

    Kiyaga played what I thought was his best game of the year so far. It was worth the price of admission to see Larocque bouncing Bennefield’s head on the ice … don’t be surprised, however, if Rockford doesn’t turn in the tape and try to get him suspended. I can’t say I blame Larocque. If someone tried to slash me in THAT region, I’d probably do the same thing.

    All that said, the Komet organization may want to seriously consider giving out items as fans exit the building like they did following the infamous “ice-scraper night” incident several years ago in the IHL. I realize this was “chuck-a-puck” night and some of the items were bottles, but somebody needs to crack down on this behavior before someone gets hurt.

    It’s unfortunate that several IDIOT fans think it’s cool to throw things on the ice. It was bad enough they were throwing things at the Rockford end, but a number of them were doing the same thing from the Komets’ end.

    Keep it up you IDIOTS and sooner or later a Komet player is going to skate over something and blow out a knee.

  11. Jeff Says:

    Hit, I’ll agree that Kiyaga might be playing out of position. I thought in pre-season with his speed he would make a better forward, but he’s young and he’s learning. You never know how he’ll develop.

  12. blake Says:

    Hit, you never cease to amaze me, and I’ll just leave it at that.

  13. jc Says:

    I think the Komets got a steal by signing Tuzzolino. This kid is gonna be really solid once he gets into game shape.

  14. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    You know I am just like the Wizards in that regard…I am so amazing. What did I say that is so bad. Artie should be playing forward and the Komet’s should have their best D-Men on the ice. And that would be Larocque, Dupuis, Caveman, Hansen, Tuzzolino, and Honkenan. So I think that is our best D-men. Real amazing thing there I guess. What do my fellow bloggers think? Honestly…..?

    Did I mention that this was the best game of the year and it was entertaining? A game that everyone left energized about and probably are still thinking about right now, that is if they are awake. And why would that be? Anyone…Anyone?

  15. Tony E Says:

    Tonight tells me several things without even being there in person
    #1 A bunch of guys realized they were playing for their jobs and showed what they could really do when properly motivated. Coach Bingham should expect this effort every night.
    #2 Speaking of coach Bingham, I give him and the organization credit for not pulling the panic button and starting a revolving door of players. Sure they brought in someone new (lol you guys should have heard the radio broadcast….tortolini …turtlino tetrazzini) but there has been a strong sense of stability with this group.
    #3 Frenchy is a competitor and I can’t believe there was any way he was not going to want to get right back in there tonight and it is a good thing he did because when his head is right he is a proud man and he had something to prove tonight and did it. He needed to get back in there and show the home fans he was still the man.
    Before this season started I was vocal about him playing too many games which caused his breakdown in the playoffs last season. I do have a concern he might play too many games again. But really, when you have so many days off in between games, playing back to back games is no big deal.
    Heck in Juniors goalies play back to back nights every weekend, sometimes with a 10 hour bus ride in between.

    Final thought…on Reiter….
    I don’t want him. Why? What happens the first time Frenchy has a bad game?
    Now, there is no doubt he is the #1 even after an off night. You bring Reiter in, Frenchy may start looking over his shoulder. Plus Reiter has made it clear he wants to start and even if he says he would come to town as a backup you know what his motivations are. Sure Dan probably would love to start too. No goalie wants to go through his career being a backup. But just like you didn’t us Martin Brodeur to backup Patrick Roy, you don’t bring in a guy like Reiter to backup Frenchy.
    No I am not comparing Reiter to Brodeur when it comes to talent. Just saying you don’t want 2 #1 goalies especially when you are happy with the original #1.
    Not since Fuhr/Moog or Roy/Hayward has such an arrangement worked.

  16. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I too have been vocal about the goaltender situation. Let me make one thing clear. Frenchy is most likey the best in this league. He gives our team the best chance to win when he is on his game. I just don’t want to have a Frenchy in the middle part to end of the season beat to death and not on top of his game. That has been my only point about this situation. I too think that a guy like Reiter coming in would only just muddy the waters. A good rookie goalie is the best choice in this situation. It most likey is Dan McWhinney. Just let the boy play every now and again is all.

  17. Tony E Says:

    Oh, one more thing. I am sooooo sick and tired of the Brosal bashing. You know, this guy has dealt so much screwy crap from the league owners over the years I can’t believe they are paying him enough to stay!! The man gets no credit when things go right and the owners shove him out in front of the cameras to take the blame everytime they screw something up! Aside from the Komets and a couple of the other stable ownership groups, he has had to deal with quite the collection of screwballs.
    Do I think he has made mistakes? Sure, MAYBE. I say maybe because you never know what he has taken blame for that the owners put him up to in the first place.
    Lastly…give me a name of someone who could do a better job AND put up with the same amount of B.S. Brosal does.


  18. blake Says:

    Let’s see, Arthur plus 3 with two points over the last two games. The rest of the defensemen? Guy plus-1 (played with Arthur last night to get that one); Hansen plus 2 (played with Arthur tonight to get those two); Tuzzolino plus 1 tonight. The rest were even on the weekend.

    If you can’t see how much he has improved already or how much playing time he’s getting in key situations of late, you should quit embarrassing yourself on this.

  19. Burgee Says:

    Rockford is a team full of scumbag sissies. Bennefield whacked the rock then turtled, sole purpose was intent to injure. I’m glad the rock picked him up and bashed him to the ice. i seen johnson do some cheap crap tonight as well, then their goaltender throws the net over.

    Wonder who their coach could be, does whiny baby martinson come to mind. I think lil stevie is just picking the wrong players to form a championship team, either that or the good ones will not play for him.

  20. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I am not embarrassed at all Super Fan. I think he is a decent hockey player. He just isn’t at the level of the other D-Men we have. Do you actually think he is a better player than Guy or Mario or Kevin or Caveman? If you do…I think you should get your nose out of the plus/minus crap and watch the games. He might be improving…that is great, I hope he is and does improve. Nothing personal here at all. I just think he panics with the puck…Hot Potato…Hot Potato, and he as a load of trouble body-ing up stronger forwards. Not a personal attack there…he might improve on these things. I just don’t see the huge love affair that you guys have for this D-man?

  21. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Did I mention that this was the most entertaining game of the year. Lots of fun. Energy in the air. Brosal in the press-box. Guys taking the body. Frenchy looked great. Fun game.

  22. blake Says:

    OK, then here’s the 2X4 upside the head for you, and if this doesn’t work, then there’s no hope for you at all because you’ll never be able to argue against this.

    How many opposing goals do you think he’s been on the ice for lately? Try one over the last five games and since Oct. 28, 14 games, he has been on the ice for only four opposing goals, and on two of those, his partner got caught up ice so he was the only guy back on a two-on-one.

    There is no other defensemen on this team, shoot, in the entire UHL who can say they were on the ice, taking a regular shift, and have only given up four goals. And how many times do you think opposing coaches have tried to match up their best lines against a rookie defenseman? That’s a totally ridiculous statistic for any defensemen, let alone a rookie.

    Or how about this? Over the last 10 games he’s plus-5, which leads all FW defensemen by plus-2 and is second on the entire team.

    If that isn’t good enough for you, then, as they say on the radio, that’s a you problem.

  23. komets10 Says:

    One area of concern and it stuck out big time this weekend…our faceoffs are horrible. We didn’t win many tonight at all.

  24. Sniper Says:


    I can’t believe you put TuZZolino in the discussion of what D-man is playing better than Kiyaga. A little unfair considering it was his first game. I like Kiyaga but he is definitely raw and I could see right away Tuzzolino has more talent the Arthur. I do agree with Hit that I would have played Honkanen over Kiyaga. Much more physical and better all around player. Plus minus is an alright stat but for a D-man it’s who you are on the ice with and when you have an open net. Kiyaga is improving but his two best passes of the year were to the other team(THEY SCORED ON BOTH). I do think I would consider moving him to a forward spot with his speed and see what he can do in the open ice more. As a D-man if he breaks away from the pack he just dumps and falls back to his position for D.

    On another note, I am still amazed at the St. Pierre and Bingham bashers. Last week when we lost to Muskegon after the game a fan that sits near me yells down “See what you got yourself into Bingham!” and “Pierre Sucks”. I find both to be ridiculous statements. If Bingham got himself into anything, it is that for some reason K’s fans seem to think that you are supposed to and should win every game. Let’s be realistic, this is not going to happen. Also, Pierre does not suck and in the Muskegon game, he kept us in it bescause from what I saw the rest of the team sure didn’t play until the third period and then too little too late. A goalie, most of the time, is only as good as the players in front of him. Against Muskegon the guys were not that good. No reason to jump on Frenchy. Though last night I would say neither Frenchy nor the rest of the team brought their “A” game. But we saw a team that would not be denied tonight and the physical play the last two nights is something not seen for awhile. I definitely look forward to see what more these guys can bring to the Jungle.

  25. blake Says:

    I’m not comparing Tuzzolino at all. I just threw his plus-1 in there because I knew someone would bring it up if I didn’t. No good deed… And how about their pairing of Tuzzolino and Larocque. They’ll have forwards all over the world looking up to them at 6-6 and 6-4. They are big and play that way.

  26. Melissa Says:

    Hit… I am with you on Artie. He has not impressed me since 1st day of preseason. There was a group of guys sitting behind me chanting his name all night.

    Tuzzolino looked awesome out there. He looks to be a great signing. His best play at the end when that Pig wanted to fight him he pointed to the scoreboard then pointed to his head.. saying use your head and look at he score board, now is not a time to drop the gloves.

    Larocque should be able to defend himself, but clearly that guy did not want to fight. They showed the clip on the news and it looked like he was a bulldog throwing his prey around. Entertaining? YES! Called for? NO!

    Sniper… I agree with you. St Pierre does not suck. I must have been sitting near that guy that hollered to Bingham. He was about 6 rows below me. I believe it was his beer talking. A goalie has to be able to make some good saves, but he has to have the guys in front of him doing their jobs too.

  27. Melissa Says:

    Hit… I am with you on Artie. He has not impressed me since 1st day of preseason. There was a group of guys sitting behind me chanting his name all night.

    Tuzzolino looked awesome out there. He looks to be a great signing. His best play at the end when that Pig wanted to fight him he pointed to the scoreboard then pointed to his head.. saying use your head and look at he score board, now is not a time to drop the gloves.

    Larocque should be able to defend himself, but clearly that guy did not want to fight. They showed the clip on the news and it looked like he was a bulldog throwing his prey around. Entertaining? YES! Called for? NO!

    Sniper… I agree with you. St Pierre does not suck. I must have been sitting near that guy that hollered to Bingham. He was about 6 rows below me. I believe it was his beer talking. A goalie has to be able to make some good saves, but he has to have the guys in front of him doing their jobs too.

  28. JC Says:

    How can you say that Larocque throwing around Bennefield was uncalled for? The guy 2 handed him in the chest! If someone attacked you would you respond or just stand there and take it?

  29. Melissa Says:

    J.C….Do 2 wrongs make a right? If it cost you a game suspension is it worth it?


    Did the Rockford goalie knock the net over after the game? I wasn’t watching that end of the rink after the game. I looked down there and seen it was flipped backwards.

  30. JC Says:

    I take it you are one of the fans that don’t like fighting in hockey? Yes Cloutier did knock the net off at the end of the game. I am pretty sure he was pissed about Labarre’s shot that rang off the cross bar with 1 second left in the game. J.F. came in and blasted one. I am pretty sure that he would have scored that goal, we might still be sitting in our seats watching the gloves being picked up off the ice.

  31. Melissa Says:

    I am an old time hockey fan. I am 36 and have been going to hockey since I was 11. Yes I like the fights but not the Goon stuff. Did enjoy the Morency and Big Snake fight.

    Everyone has an opinion and I think Mario should have walked away once he realized the guy was not going to get up and fight him. He had no business ramming the guys head into the ice a few times. Once should have been enough!

  32. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I was wishing that the shot would have gone in. They had 5 guys on the ice head hunting our smaller players and that goal would have been hillarious. Who could have fought is my question. I would almost bet that benches might have cleared on that one.

    I don’t mean any harm in this comment it is just an observation, it looks like Artie is becoming Super Fans new Guinn. No one is allowed to have an opinion on him. I trust your statistics on if he was on the ice or not during goals. I have no way of going back and looking to contest those stats. If you think he is as talented a player as 6 of our other D-Men….so be it, I just don’t see it at all. Difference of opinion, not you saying that I need beaten with a 2×4 though….and maybe you are right, there is no hope for me.

  33. FiveMinuteMajor Says:

    I missed Cloutier’s hissy fit, I was too busy watching Johnson have his little meltdown right in front of us. What a buffoon…

  34. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Grossman looks horrible again too…

  35. Farmer Says:

    Anyone have a video of Morency & Big Snake?

  36. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    How many of you saw the Erik Lizon vs. Matt Syrocynski fight? Did you notice that Matt not only got hammered in that fight, but Lizon skated in front of the Komet bench and pointed and yelled explitives at our team? I saw Pascal laid a pretty good check on Lizon last night and the new D-man wisely turned down a dance with him at the end of the game when Lizon was looking to kill someone…but how comfortable are you guys and gals knowing that we really don’t have anyone who can counter this beast if he decides to railroad a star player of ours? Just wondering what the rest of you might think about this? I know that it is not a popular topic, but just wondered what would have happened if……that Lizon is a monster.

  37. chuckitt Says:

    my random thoughts about the game and the blogs: 1. arthur is gaining valuable experience and has improved since the start of the year. 2. captain caveman looks like he is playing himself to the bench. i think i now know why he has played for so many teams..3. new guy looked fantastic but one game does not make a season. 4. when a player two hands you to the chest and then turtles up he is being the lowest of cowards and deserved what the rock gave wanna use the stick then youd better be man enough to stand up. 5. only problem with the team i had was when bvig snake wanted to go with dupis and no one came to the aid of their captain who we all know aint much of a fighter. hhopefull the morency fight was a payback but it should have happened on the spot. and finally, 6. notice how when they play old time hockey the intensity level in the barn and on the ice goes thru the roof? just some random observations!!!

  38. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Great point Chuckitt….that was my point early on in this thread. The physical play always excites the crowd and wins games too. Fun Game last night. Great win guys.

  39. Greg Says:

    Now for my thoughts on the game.
    At first I thought it was going to turn into a copy of Saturday. Yes at times I saw plays but the Komets could not get it past Cloutier then Rudeno stepped up. Good for him. I’d like to ask those people again who said that Larocque wasn’t a fighter. He’s beat down both Bennefield and Radoslovich.

    What kind of pathetic loser is Cloutier. Martinson must be teaching his team well in being whining little cry babies that throw tatrums.

    Of course on that matter. Why is in necessary for Komets fans to throw garbage on the ice? What are you trying to prove? Cloutier was already acting like and looking like the biggest moron we’ve seen in a while. Now by throwing garbage at him and the rest of the icehogs, you’ve made Fort Wayne look bad. Someone really needs to explain that to me. That showed NO CLASS!!!

  40. JungleMonkey Says:

    The Rock has yet to “fight”. He’s beaten a couple of cheapshot artists silly. All fine and dandy with me. They both got what they had coming to them.

    Thank you Hit. Artie is obviously the new Rob Guinn. Anyone who tries to say he is better than Rock, Dupuis, Hansen, Honkanen, Domber, or Bozoian is just silly. The Tolzzino looked pretty good, time will tell.

    Morency and Big Snake was a pretty decent fight. Weird, because nobody fights in this league anymore… lol.

  41. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    But has Artie forgotten more about fighting than Rob Guinn has is the real question here……LOL

  42. Tony E Says:

    Enough about Rob Guinn already! Let’s talk about Liam Garvey! Why in the heck could he not skate backwards!?!? Anytime he tried he turned a corkscrew into the ground. I don’t care how many years go by or how many players come and go, I will always be consumed by the flaws of Liam Garvey! Even as the cup was hoisted a few years back, I was thinking..this team is better without Liam Garvey!

  43. Hoss Says:

    How bout them COWBOYS!!!!

  44. dnl Says:

    Where I was sitting I couldnt see the Big Snake/ Morency fight. Sounded like a good one. I was hoping someone would post it on youtube but no luck. Maybe it will be on the Komets weekly highlights. Fingers crossed.

    Blake do you know which game will be shown on Comcast channel 55 this week? I’d love to rewatch the Rockford game. I wish that the Komets would collect the games they record over the season and then sell like a top 5 or so games on a DVD. Due to military I won’t be in Fort Wayne much longer and it’s going to kill me to miss so much Komet hockey.

  45. Blake Says:

    DNL, it’s on the front page of this you can find with the link Komets coverage on the left.

    For the record, I never said Arthur was better than anyone else. I just think he deserves more respect than he gets from some of you.

  46. scoops Says:

    Anyone doubt this rivalry? Great game from start to finish. I am shocked (but not disappointed) McWhinney didn’t get a look this weekend.

    I’ll touch on a few of the topics:

    Nobody needed to rush to the aid of our captain in this instance. He drew a penalty in a 0-0 game so why try to make more out of it (at that time) and perhaps lose the powerplay opportunity? I think Guy and the team played this one out smart.

    I liked the new kid on defence. I can think of two people that maybe should be looking over their shoulder and no….Kiyaga is not one of them.

    Lizon. Who cares about Lizon besides Hit and his few loyal followers? I can sleep soundly at night knowing we do not have someone to match up against him. If he takes out Ruid or Goneau then I am sure we’ll deal with it accordingly but matching fighters pound for pound is not what the game is about. Just watched the most physical game we had all year and Hit is worried about something that didn’t even happen. Amazing.

    Kiyaga. Playing more and more and getting better and better. I don’t quite understand negativity. He may be small in stature but his speed and intelligence makes up for whatever size is lost out there. I think Blake backed up everything with hard facts.

    Hit. Rockford was running around late in the game looking for something as they always do when they are down or about to lose. You are running around looking for something as well….as you always do. Keep it up……

  47. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wow, I totally agree with Scoops. You are the man. Way to go! Don’t you agree that this was the best game of the year Scoops? And why was it the best game? I doubt it was because it was physical. Couldn’t be that. I am sure you weren’t entertained at all were you? Thanks for continuing to throw your bean bags into my section and row as hard as you can. You the man!!!

  48. Tony E Says:

    SNIFF SNIFF..can you feel the love here tonight…I think…SNIFF SNIFF… I am gonna cry

  49. chuckitt Says:

    i have to disagree about rushing to the aid of our captain. yeh he drew a 2 minute on cheap snake, but nobody was close to them and if big snake would have wanted to, he coulda taken guy out of the game with a cheap shot or a sucker punch. my thought is, he should have never been given the chance to hurt guy. someone needed to be there. no sense taking the chance and have guy hurt then look back on it and say , gee i wish someone would have helped him. you just dont give a goon a chance against one of our skilled guys who in that game must have loged about 40 min in ice time! wouldnt have been a big deal if it was just some idiot winger but the snake is a tuffy who could hurt a good fighter let alone a finess person!

  50. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Chuckitt, I hear you, but don’t you know that you can’t have differing opinions than Scoops. You have to just go along with him. It is his job to disagree with everything that is said on here.

  51. scoops Says:

    This is purely my opinion but I think if the game wouldn’t of been as it was I think Guy would of handled himself in that situation if it all went down. I am not saying he would of won anything but he would of handled it. And whose to say if anyone else would of stepped in that they too could of gotten some kind of cheap snot shot. Its all “woulda, coulda, shoulda”.

  52. chuckitt Says:

    sorry , have you ever seen guy fight? its not pretty and he would have been hurt. this is a team and i didnt see any team in that one s o im so sorry to point out something so obvious but since it isnt alowed to say something you dont agree with im going to watch some tv. just glad you never skated on my line.

  53. Hit Somebody!!! Says:


  54. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Maybe Chuckitt can come with me this week when I have lunch with coach…..LOL

  55. chuckitt Says:

    had plenty of lunches with plenty of coaches!! you can handle the job quite well!! thanks for my back.

  56. Blake Says:

    First off, Guy would have been so pi—- off if one of his teammates had stepped in there because it would have been a hugely stupid mistake to give up a power play in a 0-0 game. Guy made the right play there because he was SMARTER than the neanderthal. Essentially he suckered Big Snake by not allowing himself to get suckered.

  57. Rick Says:

    This act from Hit is wearing a bit thin. How come we didn’t hear what a great game we had Friday night after Larocque stood up for Frenchy? And now we have to put up with his bashing of Arthur by comparing him to Guinn. Get off Guinn. He is old news. And now he blasts Blake on Justin’s blog because Blake has the audacity to state some simple and obvious facts about Arthur. (That’s his name, by the way, not Artie.)

  58. Heather Says:


  59. Hoss Says:

    Rick, I guess the same can be said for others on this blog. Personally attacks and “know it all’s” get a little old no matter what point of view they come from. Just like in “REAL LIFE,” this blog (and the boards) have people that just like to make others mad or feel worse about themselves. Maybe thier Mom’s weren’t around to hug them when they were little or Santa didn’t bring them a Red Ridder BB Gun they wanted, but who cares? Either read the crap they post and forget it, or stay off the blog. It’s not that hard! I agree that Guinn has moved on and so should others, but if they don’t I’m not going to tell them we will fight on the playground.

    Just because everyone on the blog (YES! Even you Blake) is a fan of the Komets, doesn’t mean we will all get along. Next time you want to call people out, just give your kid, wife, husband, mom, dad, dog, fish, or whatever a hug and let it go!

    Like I said before, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

  60. Blake Says:

    I have one thing to say to that, You suck Hoss. LOL. (Hope you take that in the spirit it was intended.)

  61. scoops Says:

    Where did you play hockey at Chuck? What position? It sounds as if you were one rowdy type of a player and even though the jersey may have come off some 20-30 years ago that chip is still firmly attached to your shoulder.

  62. Tony E Says:

    I think this all comes down to a simple difference.
    Komets organization,players,coaches CLASS
    Rockford players, coach NO CLASS
    People sitting in the stands throwing things on the ice NOT TRUE KOMET FANS and an embarrasment to the Komet organization and the city of Fort Wayne.

  63. Tony E Says:

    And as to the level of discourse on the blog…no just because everyone here is a fan of the Komets does not mean you have to “get along”. But a level of respect should be maintained. This is not ITB
    or one of the other flame boards. This is maintained by a professional sportswriter working for a cash strapped newspaper who could pull the plug on this place at the snap of a finger if they think this blog reflects badly on their business.
    Just something to keep in mind.

  64. jc Says:

    Oh Tony why do you try to make sense of everything? Haven’t you given up on that?! haha!! Sorry I had to be sarcastic. I just have a couple of comments. #1) How can people still bash or complain about KSP? He is playing some tremendous hockey. #2) I looked around at the crowd after the Larocque fight and the Morency fight and everyone was cheering. Thats funny because then some people come on here and complain about Mario doing the wrong thing or just complaining about fighting in general. Does anyone disagree that wasn’t exciting? #3) I am not sure what everyone’s obsession with Kiyaga is. Is he improving? Yes. Is he a good team guy? Yes. Is he one of our top 6 d-men? I don’t think so….yet. You can have all the stats you want to back you up but I have one question…Does anyone know how much ice time he has logged during those stats that Blake provided? Has he had more ice time then the other 5 or 6 d-men? #4) Does anyone wonder if our team would be better if we had a true #1 line..such as Ruid, Rudenko, and Goneau? I am just curious as to what that would like that. I’m not saying by any means we should change up the lines or pull a puhalski (sorry had to) and change them every 5 minutes. I am just curious as to if we would score more goals. Anyways thats all I have for now. Feel free to bash me all you want. I can take it and back up my points.

  65. Blake Says:

    Arthur gets a regular shift and sometimes some PK time depending on if the Ks are coming off a power play or a long stretch of PKs. He gets the same amount of ice time as whomever he is partnered with that night pretty much.

  66. jc Says:

    I just want to reitterate what I am saying about Kiyaga. I am not saying he isn’t a good player by any means but I don’t think he is one of the top 6 we have at this moment in time. He seems to have been learning and improving. He also seems to be very coachable and I think that is a main reason he plays. I am coach of a different sport and it means more if a kid is coachable and easier to give him more playing time because of that. Kiyaga is going to be a good hockey player by the end of the season, you can bet on that. He just isn’t quite there yet.

  67. Tony E Says:

    Lol sorry JC. I just want it to stay fun here.
    On the fights, you know what made it great? Remember how I said that players “know” when the time is right? Those fights just “fit” in the moment and the flow of the game. It wasn’t planned or a case where a guy went looking to swing at everyone on the ice. Two guys came together and it just happened. Those are the fights that are truly a “part of the game”

  68. jc Says:

    Exactly right on the perfect time for the fights. Both of those fights had meaning to them. I can’t stand when 2 guys just drop the gloves and hold onto each other and then pat each other on the back as to say well done. I really hope Rockford doesn’t go to the AHL. We are gaining a true rivalry with them and thats what the UHL needs more of.

  69. dnl Says:

    Agreed! The past about three seasons have really put a rivalry between Ft Wayne and Rockford. What proves it is that it doesn’t matter how many new players are brought in on both sides, or even bringing in a new coach, both teams just build a natural rivalry. Last few seasons the best Komet games have been those against Rockford. Hands down.

  70. Blake Says:

    You guys think the rivalry is on now, wait until you read tomorrow’s column. Oh, it’s on, all right!

  71. imsmithkaiser Says:

    I too liked the game Saturday night. It was just awesome. I think it was about time that the Roc gave some of his weight around. He needs to start using his physical side along with his scoring talent. I think Kiyaga is a good player. Taking a lot of criticism. He is young and has made a few mistakes. The one goal that he put in wasn’t his fault. He was skating backwards to protect frenchy and when he started to turn around the puck hit his skate and went in. I think if he would score a goal it would help him tremendously.
    About the game Friday night I am a fan that was sitting near the scoop guys. My husband and myself heard the guy talk about Frenchy. Consider the source on how he handle himself. On Saturdays game we were sitting in lower arena in the same section. After the game we wanted to say something to him about how Frenchy played. Those kind of people I feel aren’t true fans. If you didn’t like the way the players played then keep it to yourself. Like the guy he was just rude.
    All I can say I hope we play and win the championship. In my whole entire hockey fan I haven’t seen one. This year I hope I get my dream.

  72. JR Says:

    Just a few thoughts on this weekends games… K’s looked lethargic in warm-ups and thats how they played the game…QC is improved; but even playing thier best game it almost wasnt enough against us playing our worst… I think Laroque sent a message this weekend, he was sticking up for teammates, the goalie, and himself… Now if he can do that and stay away from the misconduct penalties so that he can still contribute offensively that would be great. Kiyaga is playing better… My dad and I were walking out Sat. nite and we both said that this was his best weekend even though his playing time was down fri. nite… I would say however that I would still dress Honkanen before Kiyaga at this point in the season; but he is improving… There are very few guys that can make a face off fight good in this league and two of them went Sat. nite…good fight… Just a few thoughts…

    Hit, good thoughts, I like reading them; but you might wanna think about just passing up the bait that scoops is tossing your way….he’s just trying to get your goat…

  73. Kometfan Says:

    Caveman is terrible, he is the laziest person on the ice. Saturday he was slow skating and made several terrible passes. Watch him when he skates back to get the puck in our defensive zone, he skates like he is out for a stroll, no rushing to get things done. I think we should bench him for a few games and let him rethink why he is here. Watch him in 2 weeks when the guys come back from the road trip, he is just plain lazy out there. Several times on Saturday I commented that they shouldnt pass to him and when they did he either let the pass out of the zone or turned it over…let him sit and figure out if he really wants to be here and if he really even wants to play.

  74. Greg Says:

    Funny how all of a sudden Domber is now one of the worst d-men on the team, where as when the Komets first acquired him, people thought he was as good as gold. Not to mention all the praise he got for his play in the playoffs last year. Could this be why he’s been on 6 different teams in three years???

  75. Greg Says:

    Could it be Marc-Andre Fleury to start for the East in the this year’s All-Satr game???
    He apparently is leading the east in goaltender votes, which is a shock to me wiht the likes of Martin Brodeur in the same division.

  76. Jungle Monkey Says:

    I think that the real Domber is coming out. He played hard in the playoffs last year, but I see a lot of things happening now. He doesn’t skate as hard and seems to blame his teammates a lot when goals are scored.

  77. nicko Says:

    Why all the bashing? This is incredible. I think everyone is used to last year when we actually did have a few players who were awful, yet kept on board. I saw them play, I had my opinions and I worried when I saw them skate out on the ice. I dont have that feeling at all this year. Stop searching for something to complain about and enjoy the team we have this year. The only thing I am worried about is that Bingham is setting a high standard for himself in his first year. If he doesnt top it next year, can you imagine what this board will look like then……

  78. Greg Says:

    I think most of us want , shut outs every night, the Komets to score 15-20 goals, And Komets beating down every one on the opposition. If that’s not happening then there’s something wrong. Or that could just be me.

  79. chuckitt Says:

    wwhen you are paid to play then fans do expect you to at least put out the effort and when they dont i as a fan will say so. not intended to be mean or bashing. my point about helping guy didnt mean someone comming down and fighting the snake, i was just amazed that no one even came down to at least be there in case thesnake tried something. dont need people putting words int o my mouth. played college hockey back in the days before shields were mandatory so yes it was a while ago but positioning, strategies and teamwork dont change! i was a right winger and most of the time was a dman. translation, i was a pretty lousy skater!!

  80. dnl Says:

    Domber has hit a few bad games. Everyone does. Domber played great for us last season and early this season. Fans in Fort Wayne always look for someone to throw under the bus. It seems to always be a defenseman and a power forward….

  81. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Nobody is throwing Domber under the bus, only stating observations on his play as of late.

  82. dnl Says:

    I hope not JM. I’ll agree it looks like Domber has had a few off games, but like i sad before everyone goes through that. I think its way too early to jump on anyone on this team yet as being a weak link.

    Off subject…..I just realized the other day that Rudenko is from the same country Borat is from. I wonder if Larry could play the ‘very nice’ sound clip after Rudenko scores a goal. Would that be inappropriate? As long as Rudenko would be cool with it, I think that would great.

  83. edward Says:

    domber is slow and it really shows big time against fast skating teams , against muskegon he stuck out like a sore thumb, he does move the puck up ice well though. as for kiyaga, i think the kid has gotten better, he really isnt hurting the team at all and from what i hear he is a good kid that works hard and willing to learn,, the new d-man coughed up the puck sat for a goal, didnt anyone witness that? also frenchy is without a doubt one of the top goalies in the league but i wouldnt mind seeing the kid get a game once in awhile, if
    they have absolutely no confidence in him them maybe its time to bring in another back up.

  84. Blake Says:

    Read tomorrow’s story Edward and you’ll have a better understanding on the goaltending situation.

  85. edward Says:

    domber is slow and it really shows big time against fast skating teams , against muskegon he stuck out like a sore thumb, he does move the puck up ice well though. as for kiyaga, i think the kid has gotten better, he really isnt hurting the team at all and from what i hear he is a good kid that works hard and willing to learn,, the new d-man coughed up the puck sat for a goal, didnt anyone witness that? also frenchy is without a doubt one of the top goalies in the league but i wouldnt mind seeing the kid get a game once in awhile, if
    they have absolutely no confidence in him them maybe its time to bring in another back up.

  86. scoops Says:

    The board has too many trolls. I am not all for holding hands and agreeing on everything. Debates are actually quite interesting and you can see (maybe) a different perspective if you are just a little open minded. But there are few too many people who post bulls*** just for the sake of posting it.

  87. JungleMonkey Says:

    Scoops is preaching about being open-minded…. hahahahaha…

  88. scoops Says:

    A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.

    Proverbs 18:2

  89. JR Says:

    A hungry man will find no doughnuts while ransacking a cops trash; but finds comfort in the fact that junk food reigns supreme…

    Gibberish 12:4

    Sorry couldnt resist….

  90. scoops Says:

    Of my own stupidity I think I just opened a huge can of worms. Delete, delete, delete!

  91. Blake Says:

    I only do that about 10 times a day. I’m up to 12 today.

  92. Komet Fan Says:

    I truly don’t see where Kiyaga is the next coming Blake…. Yes, he plays hard. Yes, he gives excellent effort. No, he is not in the top 6 d-men we have on this team. You can post +/- crap all you want, doesn’t mean a hill of beans. We all watch the games, we all watch Kiyaga get the puck and get rid of it before it hits his stick, like he is a deer in headlights. Remember, Kiyaga is out there generally against other team’s 3rd lines and our 3rd line has been on fire… Of course, Blake doesn’t mention that….

  93. Blake Says:

    Never said he was. Why does everybody think I did? All I said was that Hit Somebody was embarrassing himself by constantly disparaging him, and then I backed it up with facts. You know, those little things that are the truth? Please read exactly what I said, not what someone else said I said.

    And on the road he’s generally out there against the opponents’ first line when their coach has the last change. You can all go look the box scores on the Komets web site and check them out for yourselves.

    You should also consider he’s doing EXACTLY what he is told to do by the coach and nothing more, and there are some d-men who are in the doghouse because they do not. Why do you think Honkanen didn’t play Saturday? Coach and his teammates love him. In fact, a few of the players have asked me for real names of bloggers so they could point that out to you personally, but I figured that wasn’t a very good idea.

    They think a lot of you are hilarious. Every day I walk into the locker room, that’s usually the first topic of discussion. Makes my life such a joy.

    The bottom line is the way this team is set up you are going to have to play at least two and usually three rookies each night on defense. That’s the rules. It doesn’t matter if you or I think he’s among the Komets’ top six defensemen because he’s going to play because of those circumtances. Give the kid credit for working his butt off and improving. I guarantee you if the Komets cut him, and they won’t, he’d have offers from at least four teams within an hour. Everybody is looking for rookie defensemen who don’t make mistakes, and the Komets already have one.

    Would you like to have a rookie who shoots more hits more, whatever? Maybe. But those rookies are not in this league, especially not on defense. The Komets have a chance to build him into that because he listens and he’s willing to learn, and he’s not hurting them on the ice right now.

  94. Heather Says:

    Why would they even care about what we say on here? LOL

  95. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Scoops is my favorite scooper….and I love the Caveman. He has the best comercials on tv. I love it when he makes that kind of sideways smile and shakes his head. The new one when he is in the therapist’s office and his mom calls is priceless.

    Jungle Monkey obviously beat me to the punch. LOL

    Funny that someone sat next to those guys and heard them talking negative about KSP….things that make you want to go HMMMM????

    Only joking so don’t get your panties in an uproar.

    Go Komets….peace out Artie fans….LOL

  96. Tony E Says:

    Wow! Blake that was longer than my late night rants. I am actually surprised coach lets the players read this stuff but then again, if they are taking it for what it is, why not. Although I am pretty sure that I heard a few blogger names mentioned everytime they smacked the ping pong ball around last weekend 😉
    I don’t know, the way people talk about Arthur you would have thought he went Steve Smith in the Cup finals. Heck even that guy I don’t think got as much grief and he stayed in the same town for years afterwards.
    I don’t know..sigh. This is a good team with good players and coach who are good people. I guess it is blog nature to focus on perceived negatives. I guess in my world I just think to leave the players alone and let them do what they have been doing and trust the coaching staff and management to take care of the rest.
    To spend my time picking at guys who are working hard for alot less than most of us make doesn’t make sense to me. Yes they are “professional” atheletes but in title only. They are not getting paid enough to deal with crap especially when it gets personal like it has here in certain cases.
    I say all of this because I would not be afraid to walk into their lockeroom, look each guy in the eye and introduce myself.

    Arrggh ok I am in a bad mood tonight. This is not meant as an attack of anyone. Just getting some frustration out.
    Goodnight all.

  97. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    By the way….go back and look at what I said about Kiyaga. I never disparaged him at all. I just said I don’t see what the rest of you see in him. I said he was a decent player that is playing in the wrong position. He would be a great forward. Is that negative? Is it negative to say that he is not one of our best 6 D-Men…It is just my opinion. So continue to smear my words Super Fan. Continue to run around like you have to defend him from the evil bloggers on here that might have an opinion that is different from yours. I could just agree with everything you say…that would be fun.

  98. Blake Says:

    Then I’d have to shoot myself. LOL.

    OK, fair enough. Maybe I just think he’s a better defenseman than you do. Good enough.

  99. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I even admitted he is improving and is looking better. I love the current group of Komets. This is the best team we have had in years from top to bottom. Thank god these guys aren’t losing. Could you imagine the tone on here….Look Out!!!


  100. Blake Says:

    Then I would shoot you. LOL.

  101. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    All seriousness here…this team is fun to watch. I haven’t missed a game in about 10 years. And I love Komet hockey. As you can tell alot of the time I like to get you guys thinking a little or alot. I mean no harm by what I type here. Most of it is BS and is only to add some humor or fun. At times it does go a little far and I admit that. I hope that we can all get along and continue to support his team. Except for you Scoops….LOL only kidding.

  102. Blake Says:

    Can you feel the love tonight????? Man, do I need to go home and have a beer. Good night all.

    Play nice, Santa is watching.

  103. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Blake, I love you man….no….I really love you man…..really.

  104. scoops Says:

    Have we seen this before?
    Hit posts, minions agree, a few object, Hit retorts, minions agree, I object, Hit retorts, minions agree, someone lays a beating on Hit, he disappears for 24 hours only to return rejuvenated, apologetic, and giddy like a school girl. Next game….repeat the above.

    You say you love this team this year? Best team to watch in years? Prove it. Prove it by not being a (edited) sometimes by beating to death the horse that carries little, if any, significance to the team or their performances.

  105. Heather Says:

    I just have one question…why so hostile? Does it make you feel better?

  106. Heather Says:

    You talk about personal attacks I’ve never seen so many on here…I thought this was supposed to be fun…its not fun when people attack you for voicing your opinion sometimes its just downright hurtful…I mean are we really that bad that you feel the need to degrate us?

  107. Heather Says:

    I know I’ve said some things but it was all in fun…sometimes I think you are too serious

  108. Heather Says:

    Sometimes I second guess on posting anything for fear that you’ll just rip me apart for it…I shouldn’t have to feel that way and yes I have feelings I am a woman you know LOL

  109. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Scoops just proved himself….nice job buddy. You got called out by a blogger that heard you and your bean bag throwers trashing the team…and you personally attack me. Nice job Scoops.

    And speaking of beating a dead horse…what the heck do you do everytime you post…look in the mirror before you nail others.

  110. Sniper Says:

    While I did say I think at times Kiyaga might be too small for D-man, I do like him and believe he is improving. I agree with you Blake, I believe he may be the only one on the team doing exactly what coach asks all the time. Even as good as the team is, I would love to see how good we could be if everyone would listen to what coach is preaching all the time. Arthur has my respect for paying his own way to camp as well. That is unheard of in this day and age. My hope is that by the end of the season he may be allowed to push the puck up ice with his speed and see what happens. I think there may be some offense being stashed away right now for a while he is learning.

    Hit, if much of what you say is BS, why post it? Doesn’t seem to make alot of sense to me. You seem to ride the fence better than John Kerry on loving and hating this team. And you seem awefully disappointed with what you see on the ice for loving the team so much.

    I can tell you love Komet Hockey, just the same as many others. But for where this team is there sure are alot of unhappy campers out there. I hate to see what would be on this blog if we started this year like we did last year.

  111. Tony E Says:

    Can you imagine if a blog existed in the mid 90’s?

  112. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Wow….we debate to fight or not to fight, we debate to body check or not to body check, we debate who should be in the line-up and who shouldn’t be in the lineup, and somehow I hate this team? You guys are off your rockers. How many of you can honestly say that you haven’t posted something on here that hasn’t been to stir someone else up or to be funny…if you say no, you are kidding yourself. The personal attacks are fine and dandy if that is what you choose to do. I could care less what you type about me or what name you choose to call me. If I say something that is intended to be funny, don’t freak out like little babies. It isn’t that big of a deal. For now on, let Scoops run this site and he can post what our opinions should be and he can call everyone vulgar names that are uncalled for. Nice Class Scoops, you work for this team in a way….wow.

  113. scoops Says:

    Uh, I think you need to re-read the “imsmithkaiser” post again. This is not in reference to us. There is a gentleman who sits a few rows behind us who has quite a few interesting things to yell during and postgame. I know exactly who this poster is talking about.

  114. Sniper Says:

    Exactly, the guy sits in the same seat every game wears his Komets jersey and at the end of the game can’t wait to yell something negative. Especially about Frenchy. I honestly don’t see why people ride him so much. We definitely have the best chance of winning with him between the pipes. And he is the second rated goalie in the league behing Pool. Not sure what more people want from him.

  115. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    He is the best goalie in the league. I just hope we don’t run him into the ground.

  116. Sniper Says:

    Fair enough, and that is a concern. I just wonder playing mostly two weekend nights a week as they are right now ow run down he would get. I would like to see McWhinney at home so we could see what he has to offer.

  117. scoops Says:

    I am about the least serious person you will ever meet. That I am serious about.

    Second guessing a post because of me? Excuse my laughter.

    Hit, I have not said anything different that others have said here that in essense have said “shut up”. I may have been a little more direct and and little more blunt. Do I feel better about it? Absolutely not. Thats not me. I just wish you would quit peeing in the pool we all swim in.

  118. Sniper Says:

    Just watched the you tube of the Big Snake – Morency fight. Where I sit couldn’t see it. I say a draw, slight edge to Morency. Should be an exciting series the rest of the year.

  119. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    You do strike me as the sweet innocent quiet type…If I pee in the pool…well then you must be pooping in it.

  120. Sniper Says:

    Hit, by the way, see my earlier post in this stream. I sit with scoops and am also a scoopsguy. I posted the stuff about the guy that sits near us bashing Frenchy and Coach. sccops and I both sat there amazed! Also reread earlier posts in this stream by Melissa and imsmithkaiser, that backed us up on that.

  121. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    You are in the clear….my mistake. I can admit when I made one.

  122. Sniper Says:

    No problem Hit, and by the way scoops isn’t really a bad guy, as all of his friends like to say, people think he’s a jerk until you get to know him. It’s just a dry sense of humor and people don’t know how to take him. All we all want is to have fun and see the K’s kick some tail. Let’s get the Cup this year!

  123. Sniper Says:

    Sorry Scoops, had to let the cat out of the bag that you’re really not a bad guy!

  124. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Likewise Sniper…

  125. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Jonathon Goodwin has impressed me bigtime this season. He is having a great season with scoring, defensive play, and hustle. I love watching him play. I think the hustle has been there for all the guys. Hukalo has played big too. He takes the body, skates hard, and makes big plays. These guys are turning into my favorites.

  126. Sniper Says:

    I have been impressed for two years now with Goodwin, last year especially I thought he finished his checks better than anyone and he hasn’t let up any this year.

    Hukalo more and more has been impressing me. I’ve been waiting for him to break through into the scoring column more often. He has some unbelievable skating skills, just hasn’t quite been able to finish.

    This team is a joy to watch most of the time. And I only say most of the time, because no team can play at the highest level all the time.

  127. Sniper Says:

    I guess that’s it for the night. Time to shut it down.

  128. JR Says:

    Lets see…. At the beginning of the year I was a major opponent of Kiyaga on the blue line. Thought he was more suited to be a forward; but the guy has improved every week and his ice time during critical times in the games of late has proved it… I really like this team from top to bottom and I dont believe I envy the coach and the tough decisions he has to make regarding the lineup each game…

    On a different note, maybe the guys playing this game as a profession have lost contact with those who dont play but still have that deep passion for their team and thier favorite sport. And I will e-mail you with all my personal information and if you want to pass it along to the players so be it… in fact I would encourage it. I have not said one thing that I am ashamed of, and if they want to talk sometime after a game or during the week, I’m all for it. Maybe they think our passion for this team and our opinions are a joke; but I dont think so.

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