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June 29, 2007

There’s been a debate going all spring about the validity of changing the United Hockey League name to the International Hockey League. The owners may have disbanded the UHL and started fresh with the IHL, though the fans see a different name but the same teams, coaches and players. 

Many fans believe the renamng is an insult to the former IHL which folded in 2001 (the Komets left in 1999) and tarnishes those players’ accomplishments. No matter what the name, they say, this new league will never equal what the IHL was and what it stood for.


There are some people who know something about hockey who disagree with that. On Thursday The News-Sentinel contacted all  the on-ice Komets — nine  players and one coach — who have had their jerseys retired for their reaction. Instead of being insulted, all 10 said they like the change and see the renaming as a sign of respect for what they did.


“It’s almost like looking at the IHL as it went through its different eras,” said Colin Chin who retired in 1996. “The league was a lot different back when Eddie (Long) and Lenny (Thornson) played versus the years in the 70s when there were more teams and it was a tougher brand of hockey. Then there’s the era between then and when I came in  and then another when it became the NHL affiliates era. I think it’s almost fitting to name it the IHL and the way I see it they are just starting a new era.’’


Long, who retired in 1966, agrees wholeheartedly.


“I think it’s really good,” Mr. Komet said. “If it wasn’t for the founding fathers of the league there wouldn’t be hockey here, I think this is going to bring back some of the old rivalries amd that will stimulate things. I hope they have learned that more franchises are not the answer. I like this a lot.”




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  1. bsebring Says:

    At its end, the UHL was quite a bit different from the IHL at its demise, especially in talent level. The IHL was considered Class AAA minor league hockey and the UHL Class AA.

    “It might not be financially the same but that’s how the IHL began,” said Steve Fletcher who retired in 1996. “When I came here in 1983, we weren’t making that much money. I think it makes the league look a lot better.”

    Some fans say playing with six teams this season will diminish the product. Former Komets coach and Owner Ken Ullyot laughs when he hears that. He remembers a lot of years when the IHL played with as few as five teams, and it seemed like every summer was an ordeal to find new teams so the league could survive — just liike this summer with the UHL/IHL.

    “Six teams is a very good size for a bus league,” Ullyot said. “My first thought is they might keep hockey here by doing it. We worked hard and it cost a lot of money to keep it going over the years. If they think it will help them and keep hockey here, then by all means go ahead and use it. The thing I like about it the best is they seem to have a gameplan for the future they can make work.”

    Ullyot also believes the IHL name will help the league recruit better players from Canada where the hockey establishment recognizes the name and the IHL’s past reputation. Goaltending great Robbie Irons, who retired in 1981, found that out last week when visiting Toronto.

    “They asked me what league the Komets play in now and I said the UHL, but they had never heard of it,” Irons said. “They had all heard of the IHL.”

    Many also forget that the IHL the Komets played in was actually the second league to use that name. The first IHL lasted from 1929 to 1936. The second IHL started in 1945 – with four teams.

    Every former player mentioned they expect increased intensity from the players and the fans because there will be fewer teams. Several played under similar circumstances throughout the 1950s and 1960s and said the fans will be more interested because they’ll have the opportunity to know the opponents a lot better.

    But shouldn’t Fort Wayne and its 7,600 fans per game move to the Class AAA American Hockey League?

    “I don’t care what you say, people in Fort Wayne won’t pay for it,” Long said. “That’s unless you can charge the same price you do for the UHL, and then you won’t be around for very long.”

    Though they have the most to lose, the oldtimers even want the new IHL to use all the old records and trophies. There will be more opportunities to study those past accomplishments and make them more relevant today, Fletcher said.

    “If it’s supposed to be the IHL, it’s the IHL,” Fletcher said. “People will see the dates on it so they can figure that out if they want. Records are meant to be broken.”

    Using the records is part of using the name, Ullyot said, and the players should compete against the IHL statistics of the past. The IHL greats don’t feel the least bit threatened.

    “How many players in this day and age are going to stay long enough to challenge a Lenny Thornson?’’ Chin said. “It will never happen. There’s a better chance somebody’s going to break Cal Ripken’s record, Hank Aaron’s record and Joe DiMaggio’s record in the same year. Besides, it’s like trying to compare players from any eras and any sport. It’s tough to do that anyway.”

    Thornson, who retired in 1968, is the Komets’ all-time leading scorer with 1,202 career points. He was named the IHL’s all-time best player in 1997 by The Hockey News.

    “If there was somebody who came along and was getting up that high, it would bring a lot of excitement,” Thornson said. “It might bring back some old memories, and that’s great.”

    The other Komets who have also had their numbers retired — Lionel Repka, Rob Laird, Reggie Primeau and Terry Pembroke — all expressed their support for the change.

    “I think it’s a great thing,” Pembroke said. “Maybe they’ll get back to what they did best in the old days which was entertain the fans with a good brand of hockey. The Komets anchored that league forever and they just need keep protecting that quality of hockey. They are starting that with some of the rules changes, which I like.”

    IHL President Paul Pickard said the use of the trophies and the records will be determined sometime this summer by the league’s board of governors. It seems like the men who set most of the records have already decided for themselves.

  2. Greg Says:

    I know it won’t but this should settle a lot of the arguements about how the IHL should do and why the Frankes shouldn’t move to the AHL. THese people KNOW hockey. We need to listen to them and respect their opinion.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    i posted once before that this was an opportunity to honor those from the past and keep their names and legacies alive and what shouted down by some know it alls. this article just proves what i was trying to get accross. just stop complaining about things that you have no idea about and lets go for the high road and try to get this thing off the ground and be successful. if it works then, what a great model for the rest of minor hockey it will be!

  4. bsebring Says:

    I have to admit I was suprised they were all as positive as they were, and I was totally shocked they wanted to use the records. I thought for sure they’d be completely opposed to that, but they were the ones who brought it up.

    The great thing about having all this tradition is that these guys are never short of opinions. They are a lot of fun to talk to and work with every time.

  5. Tony E Says:

    I think Eddie Long said it all.

  6. Wingmnn Says:

    This is great, I hope this puts to rest all the crap being said out the New IHL and gives it some credibility. I am sick and tired of all the negativity. Maybe that hack Peoria reporter should read this and mind his own business about our AA league and leave the hockey reporting to Blake.

  7. Junior (chaulker07) Says:

    Great reporting Blakes!!!

    The negativity gets me down and it’s always good to people pick it up with the people that mattered most in the IHL!!

  8. Burgee Says:

    Well — there — you — go.
    Great information.

  9. Skate Says:

    Brad? David? Rochester Charlie? Calling any and all Nabobs. Comments welcome.

  10. Bob Says:


    Excellent article. Having been there, the former players know what they’re talking about. I was’nt sure how some of them would feel about the possibility of putting back into competition the old silverware and the old historical records.

    However, if they are in favor of it, then I would hope that their wishes will be taken into account when a decision regarding that is made.

    Do you have an idea of when such a decision might be made?

    Also, I’m of the opinion that the majority, if not all of those old records from the original IHL era will never be broken.

  11. Annie Says:

    I greatly enjoyed today’s article Blake. It makes sense; and now I’m convinced we should also bring back the old record book and trophies. This *is* the IHL, and we should all just think of it that way.

  12. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Great Article. Can we sign Fletcher to a contract?

    I think these guys are on to something. I think opening night ought to be about the great tradition of the IHL and they should go all out to promote that. Use these old-timers…..I mean young timers… be spokesmen for the IHL and sell the thing. Anytime Fletcher, Chin, Irons, Boyce, etc. do anything to promote hockey in this town…people surely listen and take notice. Let’s leave the UHL in the dust and go for a new chapter of the IHL. This is sounding good. They are really on to something and it ought to be fun to watch this thing blossum into a league that everyone is excited about. I say good for the Frankes and the rest of the league. Keep up the good work.

    Sign some players please!

  13. […] Today’s story There’s been a debate going all spring about the validity of changing the United Hockey League name to the […] […]

  14. Charlie I Says:

    Boyce won’t come back because of twister’s mouth.

  15. Hoss Says:

    Sounds like a fair trade. Boyce comes back and Twister sits down!

  16. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    There have been times where I think the old lard arse is going to fall over….he just keeps going and going and going….My favorite moment of the Twister was this past season when he went into the rafters to sit 2 rows beneath a couple of 12 year olds making out… was hillarious. They were playing tongue hockey and the twister was all smiles. Priceless.

  17. Skate Says:

    That’s probably as close to it as he ever gets.

  18. Tim Hoke Says:

    Wow was i ever glad to read the comments from the former Komet greats! They all know what they are talking about and to ignore them would make any negative people pure idiots. Lets get this new IHL going and form and new great league. Now hopefully I wont have to listen to anymore uninformed bullcrap from Pat White on WOWO!!! Go Komets and Go IHL!!!

  19. Jerad Shaw Says:

    The Twister is the most loyal fan that the Komets have. He is the one thing that still remains from the glory days of Komet hockey. To take cheap shots are him is just like most of the people on this board. As much time, effort, and money that he has put into the Komets, he can say and do anything he wants. He is definately much better to see then the “Cotton Eye Joe” guy at the Fusion games. WOW

  20. bsebring Says:

    No, Jerad he can’t say and do anything he wants. Komets fans are supposed to behave with class.

  21. David Says:

    3You rang Skate?? So the IHL is excepted by the “old” timers blah blah blah…It still will not compare to that league at all because in the later days of the IHL that was as close to AAA hockey FW had..I will stand by my opinion that the IHL is and will not be considered by the Hockey World as a AA league. If you want to compare it to anything maybe the senior leagues in Quebec. Congrats to the Frankes and the rest of the owners for keeping hockey going in the Midwest, but if this league can not sustain the current members and add 4 to 6 more teams the chances of this league surviving are minimal. If that occurs then the Frankes will be at a crossroads look to join another league or look to sell the club because of the cost. I will give credit to them for trying to create something new with a different approach and by midyear the hated rivals of old will be established. While I have taken a “negative” slant on this issue it is time to look forward to the upcoming season, though I did not renew my season tickets, I will attend some games to see what type of hockey that will be played. I hope for the old days of the IHL when the games could at any moment explode into 5 man battle royal. So please sign some players.

  22. Charlie I Says:

    I sure wasn’t takeing a shot at twister. I was just stating a pure fact of why Boyce will never return to the coliseum for Hockey. If you remeber boyce sent an editorial into the paper about this. If he isn’t coming back it must have been bad.

  23. Charlie I Says:

    Sunday July 1st starts a new tourney. Congrats to Iceman on winning June (do you blog?). I am going to start prizes for the monthly winners when the hockey season starts as I feel I can get more people during the season then in the summer. So right now it will still be bragging rights. If anyone needs a daily reminder to play send me an email at and put in the subject line Trivia and I will send a email reminder everyday.

    Thanks to everyone that has played. I hope it has been a diffrent alternitive after reading the blog.

  24. Tony E Says:

    I hope Boyce would not stay away because of one person but who knows what the circumstances were.
    David I do not fondly remember the last couple of years of the IHL. There may have been “names” but what I saw was a bunch of overpaid lazy veterans coasting back and forth. Sure the Russian line was great but can anyone tell me why the opposition allowed them to ballet dance up and down the ice? Where was Jock Collander or one of the other villains to knock one of them through the boards? The answer is most of those players stopped caring the last 2 seasons. I don’t want to see that hockey again.

  25. chuckitt Says:

    the glory days of komet hockey? i didnt see him in the early 60s. most loyal fan? can say what he wants? didnt know there were rules like that. if thats true then i can say whatever i want and when i want casue other than skate i dont remember any of you from the glory days!! who cares what the rest of hockey thinks of the ihl? nobody was lining up to help the league., so who cares??? all iknow is im a ft wayne komet fan and i can go anywhere in the us and canada with a komet hat on and someone will acknowledge the komets. thats all that matters besides some cheap entertainment and fun!!

  26. Marv Says:

    Why didn’t we get more of the Rockford players that were available. Who did the picking in this draft anyway? I personaly don’t think they did a good job of picking players. Here comes a long season. We didn’t pick well. I fell sorry for Al Sims and what he has to work with.

    The other thing is I wish the Frankies would stop living in the past and just move on with things. Changing the name of the league isn’t going to change anything in the long run.

  27. chuckitt Says:

    you really dont know how good they did in the draft cause you dont know any of the inside particulars. they already made a lot of changes along with the name, so i guess you havent been paying attention?? how can anybody be so negative when you dont even know how things will shape up? they go t one of the better d men in the league along with some young good goal scorers. the rockford guys probably have all committed to follow martinson or stay for a chance with rockfords new team. the frankes and sime talked to lots of agents so im sure they had a good idea who was and who wasnt worth a pick.

  28. Tony E Says:

    Who are the Frankies?

  29. Tony E Says:

    chuckitt and you thought it was bad when I brought up the Cubs 😉

  30. Tony E Says:

    I have done some research and have found The Frankies! And if they made the picks for the Komets, maybe there IS a problem

  31. Bill S. Says:

    As a Komet fan for many years, I am very excited with what I hear about the new IHL. My congrats to the Frankes for keeping hockey in Ft. Wayne. Come on October and Lets Go Komets.

  32. chuckitt Says:

    just kiddin ya tony. after the yanks the cubs are my second fav team. afterall theyve got seet lou and soriano.

  33. lovelost Says:

    I thought Al Sims was known for his hiring and tough players? He didn’t do a very good job on the draft inless he knows something we don’t about all the players, but we will see, big disappointment. dupuis or richardson sign yet? i thought they were suppossed to be signed by now?

  34. Tony E Says:

    I know Chuckitt I was just giving a razzing back at you lol.
    Folks, the draft means little to nothing. Mostly it is about keeping these players off of other rosters. Look at the last 3 or 4 dispersal drafts and find out how many players actually signed with the teams that drafted them! I don’t know what some of you expect the Komets to do but if you are going to base the fate of this or any team on the results of a dispersal draft you have your head in the sand.

  35. chuckitt Says:

    same with the old college draft. very few ever stick or even sign for that matter. if we get one or two guys it will be considered good. and we keep littlejohn and johnson off of opposing teams rosters unless they give us something in return. anyone who talks negative about it reallly doesnt understand it. now lets sign some guys and see where the toughness is!

  36. Skate Says:

    David: The new IHL has never claimed that it would be the AAA resurrection of the old IHL. In your post you say that you will “attend some of the games to see what kind of hockey will be played.” That’s all I’ve ever asked people to do here before they trashed the league. Maybe your opinion might change, who knows?

    Marv: These type of drafts are not like the NHL free agent junior draft where the player is bound to that NHL club and, really, has no other option on where to play.

    On a draft of this kind, you have to combine the skill level of the player along if he will report to, and sign with, your club. If the IHL were the “only game in town” would the Komets have taken Durdin #6? Would Parsons have gone #1? Steve Parsons, maybe. Who’s to say?

    But you can’t simply look at the draft from a player talent standpoint and criticize the cloices. If none of the top 5 picks sign with their drafting clubs and Durdin signs here, who looks smarter, then?

  37. Charlie I Says:

    Our picks can’t be any worse then Flint. Almost all the picks for them have signed in Europe or are commited to going to the echl.

  38. Greg Says:

    Anyone who thinks this IHL will be just the old IHL is just nuts. Hockey was different even back in the 90’s.

  39. Jerad Shaw Says:

    Greg hit that one on the head. Its just not the same. Where can I find out where people have signed to play overseas or anywhere else???

  40. Greg Says: Pay attention to it a least once a week and you’ll find out who goes where.

  41. bsebring Says:

    It will be like the IHL in some respect. Somewhere along the line it will be, as Colin Chin said, like one of the eras of the IHL. The IHL was up and down in terms of talent level during different decades. It was not consistently AAA hockey.

    Really, does it matter what they call the league? No. It really is immaterial. It’s simply the Midest minor league that plays hockey, and that’s all it is. It has achieved one thing, though. It sure has been a discussion topic, and this league has gotten a ton of attention out of this.

    And I’m sure we’ll be talking about it weeks from now. The Komets couldn’t buy advertising this effective.

  42. bsebring Says:

    And if they are going to Europe, they better be going soon. Somebody told me their training camps start in early to mid-August.

  43. bsebring Says:

    One nice thing about the name change is that they certainly have a higher standard to live up to than what the UHL had. I know the owners have put in minimum standards for future owners and their buildings. That’s a start.

  44. chuckitt Says:

    the whole thing is a fresh start . and why not, the old model was slowly going down the toilet. now try something different. theyve listened the fans unlike the harrison square people, so now its time for the fans to get behind it and see what happens.

  45. David Says:

    I will watch the K’s, have been for years. It will be interesting to see what type of product and league this will be. We all are on the same page now. There will be no more negative comments about the league extra from me. Lets see who signs and who doesn’t. You know who could come back and play for the K’s now or maybe even Flint, Jimmy D. He sat out last season to have his ankle repaired and I am sure he has one year left in him. I am sure Dupuis will be in the mix, I am a not as sure with Richardson. Hansen and Hukalo would also be nice signings. Blake any more word or rumor on signings?

  46. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    I have a headache this BIG! I just read ITB…big mistake. Everyone on there is fired up about Super Fan quoting Ex-IHL-Komets. Some horse’s behind named ZELMO from Alaska claims that the Frankes somehow screwed over Quad City. He even called Blakes a Sock Puppet. What a jerk. Super Fan is not a Sock Puppet. His article was well written and I guarantee that if he asked Eddie Long or Steve Fletcher a question about the IHL and if it offended them with the new name-change they would say as much. I don’t understand why fans of Quad City, Rockford, Peoria, etc. are trashing the concept of the IHL when they really have no dog in the fight. Why do they even care? It totally sounds as if they are jealous of the great prospects that this league is showing. A league that is entertaining, tough, tumble, and fun. What a concept. They are going to be stuck with boring, sleepy, and boring AHL games that scares them because they know that the attendance and interest level will suck. I would be bored to death watching Euro Hockey of the AHL because just because there might be a few possible NHL players there…does anyone think they would body-check or show any physical play at all with the way the NHL rules forbid that style? How many of you truly get geeked up about an NHL game anymore anyway before the playoffs? That product is stale. You watch….the NHL will notice the IHL this next offseason and adjust their product accordingly due to the mass lack of interest in the NHL, AHL, and ECHL product. So the Frankes and Lismans will be pioneers of revitalizing hockey in these parts…..but do you think anyone will give them the credit….heck no. ZELMOS and SUCH will continue to bash them with their ill-informed notions that make absolutely no sense.

    I still think that the IHL will succeed greatly and it gives us all something to finally look forward to. Goodbye UHL…drop the puck on something new and exciting. “I” for one, can’t wait.

    Sign players!

  47. soo Says:

    i like the name change! but,, if port huron, flint, and bloomington suck again that will be brutal!

  48. Tony E Says:

    I would not wipe my hind end with ITB. With a few exceptions the people who reside there are of very little quality.

  49. Charlie I Says:

    HIT finally sounds like himself. Thought I was going to have to instigate a fight and stick up for the old guys lol. What I think is probrably going to blasted or ignored which is normal for me everyday.

    If this works out and everything we have been told isn’t crap then I feel that the UHL/IHL (like I told my dad years ago when he got pissed they were going to the UHL) will be competing with the AHL!! Look when more fans come to the games ( I think they will) and attendance goes down and down in the other leagues other teams are going to want to join our league with the rules changes and such which will get fans in the seats. The NHL will notice and teams will begin having affiliations with our teams. All the I needs is to dump the Vet rule. They would be the only league that doesn’t have one. The AHL is only allowed 4 vets and thats why more will come here to the IHL. People will come here to play in this league so stop fooling yourself people.

    When the NHL was violent (even in the early 1900’s) scorers still scored. Look at Gordie Howe…he would score then beat your butt(god i hate the redwings) and even Wayne Gretzky was able to score 200pts with goons all over the place. Oh wait thats because he had the 3 goons who if you even thought of touching him you were dead (Marty Mcsoreley anyone). Look I know we don’t have this talent but think of if Chaulk was out there and Henley was on D…do you think anyone is going to try something. Scorers are still going to come especially if they know they will be protected. Case in point Rockford. You really think some of their skill guys would be as dirty as they were if they didn’t have the enforcers they had to protect them??? Nope.

  50. Charlie I Says:

    Oh and something else on my mind. Anyone who thinks our league is on the same level has the SPHL makes me laugh. Tell 50 goal scorer KJ Vorhees that. Which brings up something I think should happen. There are 7 teams in the SPHL. The IHL and SPHL should work out an affiliation agreement. I think it would work. Look at Kelly Miller….he went to our affiliate and we called him back up as an example. By the way SPHL go back to the old rules. They tried to start NHL type rules and their attendance blundered.

  51. Charlie I Says:

    Ok this is what happens when an Insomniac is at the computer at 4:13 am and completly bored.

  52. Charlie I Says:

    Hope Rich Mitch doesn’t see this. LOL!!!

  53. Charlie I Says:

    Hey Hit I left a little headache reliver over there on ITB for yeah.

  54. Greg Says:

    THe thing with the AHL is that the NHL needs it. THey need a place to develope their young talent and a good core of veterans to help with that. If cities like Rockford, Quad City, & Peoria think they can make it more power to them. As a fan of the NHL I do pay attention to the AHL.

    That being said, I just don’t think that comparing the Now IHL to the THEN IHL makes any sense. THe players were different back then, Hockey was different back then. Really it’s only a name.

  55. bsebring Says:

    I got a kick of out somebody accusing me of only asking the Komets veterans who were positive about the move. I talked to all the retired numbers guys. There aren’t any more left.

  56. Teresa Says:

    Any word on Dupuis and Richardson yet? I thought they were supposed to sign by the end of last week.

  57. bsebring Says:

    More in tomorrow’s paper.

  58. DROPTHEGLOVES!!!!!! Says:
    I might get in trouble with the Komet Warrior MAN

  59. Greg Says:

    DTG great find in the article. Interesting comments by some fans as well.

  60. Teresa Says:

    So we don’t get a jump start on the blog anymore with your “next day” articles? What a bummer!

  61. Blake Says:

    Sure, especially since we’re making so much money off the blog, and so many of you subscribe to the paper anyway.

    Bruce has a seroius offer from Wichita of the CHL he’s considering. The Komets expect Guy to sign when he gets back from vacation.

  62. chuckitt Says:

    blake, you should know by now that some of the bloggers only read and only see what they want to believe. your article made it quite clear you talked to all the living members whove had their numbers retired, it was pretty black and white, yet some people want to argue that. duhh! maybe as a follow up to the naysayers you can contact the guys who havent had their numbers retired and see what theyve got to say. like rigler baldwin and that group..

  63. JungleMonkey Says:

    The CHL seems to be coming at our guys with some pretty serious cash.

  64. lovelost Says:

    Richardson bette be signing for the Komets.

  65. Blake Says:

    It’s amazing to me how the CHL can give players better contracts when their salary cap is I believe $2,000 or $3,000 less than the UHL. Thinks that make you go Hmmmmm.

  66. Komet Warrior Says:

    Hey DroptheGlove you need to talk to ME first about any hockey NEWS on here MAN. I was the one who reported Coach Puhalski being in Fort Wayne 2 weeks ago. Don t forget that MAN. And for Richardsen he better come back to the komet hockey team if he is smart. Do you have any tough guys to sign yet Blakes that you now about?

  67. Greg Says:

    Just means lower talent to play around those guys if you ask me (I know you didn’t, but I’m saying it anyway). Nothing says they can’t pay those guys all that money, I think, all it means is they can’t get quality talent around them.

  68. Tony E Says:

    Hey Warrior, can you confirm the rumour that Gary Kurt is going to come out of retirement to play goal for the Komets next year?

  69. Jeff Says:

    I think we need to look for that special goalie who is continuing his great “rookie see-sun,” none other than Denny Lemieux. Maybe he’s finally found a cure for his allergy to those ——- fans. At least he won’t have to ask “who own the Komets” (I mean “owns, owns.”)

  70. Skate Says:

    I have suggested this before: rather than having a team to team agreement with the SPHL, I suggest the IHL contact them to see if they would be interested in having a pool, of players who would be willing to play in the IHL on a fill-in basis.

    Once a guy committed to the pool, whichever IHL team called him, he would be bound to play for them. No cherry picking allowed. If you agree to being in the pool, you play where needed. So what if he played 5 games in FW, 3 in MUSK and 2 in BLOOM? Not all SPHL players want to leave where they are at, so having a team to team relationship might not work.

    ALSO, maybe we should change Blakes nickname from Super Fan to Mr. Socko, if what we read in ITB is true.

  71. Tony E Says:

    Hmmmm. I remember an old tv show called I think Mr Socko and his flying robot. It was a Japanese show dubbed into english where they battled monsters trying to destroy cities.

  72. Junior Says:

    I don’t understand why Richardson hasn’t signed yet? Is it the money? Cause I thought we raised our salary cap?

  73. Pixelcraft Says:

    I read this blog almost daily but I rarely post on it so probably no one here is familiar with me except Blake. This is one of those occations where I do want to comment on a couple of things.

    I was one of the fans critical of naming the league IHL and also came out against mixing the old records with the new. After reading the comments from former players that Blake published I’m ready to eat crow. With A-1 sauce please, it tastes horrible by itself.

    I hope Chief does well, I have a lot of respect for him.

    Thanks for the news on Richardson.

    I do subscribe to the NS, to prove it….. Did anyone else catch the photo by Chad in Saturday’s of Tom King making that diving catch? What a piece of work! Chad’s good, I wonder how long he will be here?

  74. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Does the IHL have the same agreements with the Euro Circuit that the UHL, CHL, ECHL, and AHL have with players bolting for one league to another not honoring their contracts? IE Mark Smith? Reason I ask this, I saw the GM in Flint mentioned that the players they drafted that were signed with Euro teams might leave those situations to play for Flint? Cloutier was one that was mentioned…..Can we beg Chaulker back if Big Bad Bruce decides to play in the CHL? Chaulker is 10 times better than Bruce skill wise anyway. He is a true center. We might actually win a face next season…unlike this past season.

  75. Greg Says:

    That going to Europe to play really confuses me. It seems the UHL/IHL changes the rules every year on that. I thought that if a player originally signed to play in Europe and decided to leave they could play in the U/I. If a player signed to play in the U/I then bolted for Europe i.e. Mark Smith, then they are ineligible for that year and the next.

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