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New jerseys going up

July 31, 2007

Ok everyone, I apologize for slacking off and not posting any jerseys on Ebay lately but here is the next list which I hope to post on Thursday August 2 beginning around 5:30 pm.  Please take the time to carefully look at the pictures I post on EBay.  These jerseys are from Stacey’s collection and all are autographed and game worn.  He also wore the jerseys to our home games so  many will need some cleanup.  If you bid on any of these on EBay please send payment promptly.  The delay in posting more jerseys is somewhat due to tracking down deadbeat EBayers so that I could finish the last group. 

Thanks for looking and email me with any questions.  I will let you know an exact year on the Fletcher jersey as soon as possible.

Shawn Dundon

1)  Brent Gretzky  “C” Ft Wayne Komets White  Jersey #49  from the 01-02 season.  This jersey has the ten year anniversary patch of the now defunct UHL on the shoulder boards.

2)  Kevin MacDonald “C” Ft Wayne Komets IHL White Jersey #19 from either 92-93 or 93-94

3)  Steve Fletcher Ft Wayne Komets IHL White Jersey #77.  Unsure of year but this jersey is made out of a heavy shiny material similar to an older football jersey.  The crest of this jersey is faded but the jersey is definately beat up!

4)  Ralph Barahona  Black Ft Wayne Komets IHL jersey #18 from 92-93

5)  Colin Chaulk Blue Colorado Gold Kings WCHL #17 from 01-02.  This jersey has VERY light wear and I think it was an alternate jersey that year.

6)  Dave Lemay  Blue Newmarket Royals #7 QMJHL from either 92-93 or 93-94.

7)  Kevin Kotyluk White UMass Lowell #41 Hockey East jersey from between 98-02.

8)  Gary Ricciardi  White Ferris State Univ #19 CCHA jersey from between 96-2000.

9)  Igor Malykhin White Ft Wayne Komets #8 jersey from 00-01.

10)  Rick Knickle Red Rochester Americans #31 jersey from either 81-82 or 82-83.  This is an old school goalie jersey not the big goalie cut we use today.

11)  Sean Venedam  White Ft Wayne Komets #13 “A” jersey from 04-05.  This jersey has the 2005 Colonial Cup Championships patch on it.


I’m on vacation

July 19, 2007

But unlike last year when I learned my lesson, I am not leaving anyone else in charge. I’m not even encouraging anyone else to try to pick up the slack, either.

I’ll be checking in sometimes to keep everyone honest, but you  won’t be getting updates.  I’ll be back Aug. 6. Everybody have fun.

Komets sign four

July 18, 2007

The Komets have signed right wing David Hukalo, defenseman Kevin Bertram,  right wing Bobby Kukulka and center Travis Granbois.

Hukalo was the UHL’s defensive forward of the year, and Kukulka scored 25 goals in 61 games with three teams. Bertram has essentially been retired for three years but he’s only 30, and gives the Komets a veteran without costing them a veteran roster spot. Granbois had eight points last year as a rookie in 45 games. He’ll still have rookie status this year.

John Ferguson died Saturday night

July 15, 2007

John Ferguson, the first Komet to make it to the National Hockey League, died Saturday night at age 68 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Ferguson came to the Komets in 1959 as a raw rookie left wing and quit playing in 1971 as one of hockey’s greatest winners with five Stanley Cup rings.

In his book, “Thunder and Lightning’’ Ferguson wrote that “This may sound hard to believe, but the Fort Wayne Komets were the toughest team I ever had to make, throughout my entire career. They had a lot of veterans and very few spots for a rookie to crack the lineup.’’

Komets coach Ken Ullyot had wanted the forward ever since Ferguson had played against Ullyot’s Prince Albert team in the Western Hockey League in the mid-1950s. Ferguson would later be known as perhaps the National Hockey League’s toughest player ever, but he struggled mightily in the first half of the season in Fort Wayne with only two goals by Christmas.  He started playing much more physically in the second half and scored 30 goals as the Komets had their best season ever in 1959-60.

Ferguson spent only the one season in Fort Wayne, scoring 33 goals and 65 points with 126 penalty minutes. Then he moved to Cleveland of the American Hockey League for three seasons before joining the Canadiens in 1963.

Ullyot knew Ferguson would make it to the NHL.

“He was a very good student,’’ Ullyot. “He was strong and he stood out with his ability. He just needed to work on a few things.’’

Though he was small by today’s standards at 5-11, 190 pounds, Ferguson was also very tough, leading the NHL in fights twice early in his career.

“He never looked for a fight and never hit a guy dirty,’’ Komets linemate Eddie Long said. “He played the game first and then he fought. Everybody saw him fight once and left him alone. He really worked at the game.’’

Ferguson used those skills for eight seasons to protect Montreal stars Jean Beliveau and Bernie Geoffrion, earning almost 1,500 penalty minutes in his career. He also scored 145 goals and 303 points in 500 NHL games. His highest penalty minute total for a season was 185 minutes, mid-range for today’s most-penalized players.

After shocking everyone by retiring in 1971 at age 32, Ferguson later coached the New York Rangers for two seasons and became the general manager of the Winnipeg Jets.

Ferguson is survived by his wife Joan, son John who is general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and daughters Catherine, Chris and Joanne.

This is from Bruce

July 12, 2007

To the Komets fans. 

                 I would like to thank the Fort Wayne Komets fans for the support you guys gave me and the team this year. Even in the tough times, you guys where always there for me. I really enjoyed talking to some of you guys after games and I really appreciate the fans that came to me when I was injured to give me some support. Last year was a special year that I will always remember. One thing that I can say, is that I gave everything, everything I had every day for the Fort Wayne Komets, on and off the ice. Also, I would like to give credit to the Franke family for running a first class organization. It was an honor to wear the Komets jersey. Hockey is small world and you never know one day I might be back in the Komets organization. Blake, keep running a good blog it’s always fun to go see what the fans think. Again, Thanks and good luck Komets!

Bruce Richardson # 22

Komets schedule

July 10, 2007


October: 10 — Bloomington; 12 — at Kalamazoo; 13 — Kalamazoo.

Regular season

October: 20 — Port Huron; 26 — at Bloomington; 27 — Bloomington; 28 — at Flint.

November: 2 — at Port Huron; 3 — Muskegon; 4 — at Kalamazoo; 9 — at Muskegon; 10 — at Bloomington; 16 — at Kalamazoo; 17 — Kalamazoo; 18 — Port Huron; 22 — Port Huron; 23 — at Flint; 24 — Kalamazoo; 30 — Port Huron.

December: 1 — Bloomington; 7 — at Muskegon; 8 — at Kalamazoo; 9 — at Port Huron; 14 — at Port Huron; 15 — Muskegon; 16 — Bloomington; 21 — Kalamazoo; 22 — at Muskegon; 23 — at Port Huron; 27 — Bloomington; 28 — Flint; 29 — at Flint; 31 — Bloomington.

January: 2 — Muskegon; 4 — at Muskegon; 5 — Kalamazoo; 9 — at Bloomington; 11 — Muskegon; 12 — at Kalamazoo; 13 — Port Huron; 16 — Flint; 18 — Muskegon; 19 — at Port Huron; 25 — at Flint; 26 — at Muskegon; 30 — at Bloomington.

February: 1 — Flint; 2 — at Kalamazoo; 6 — Flint; 8 — Port Huron; 10 — Bloomington; 13 — Bloomington; 15 — Kalamazoo; 16 — at Flint; 17 — at Bloomington; 22 — at Muskegon; 23 — at Bloomington; 24 — at Kalamazoo; 29 — Bloomington.

March: 1 — at Bloomington; 2 — at Flint; 5 — Muskegon; 7 — at Muskegon; 8 — Port Huron; 9 — at Port Huron; 14 — Kalamazoo; 15 — Flint; 17 — at Kalamazoo; 19 — Flint; 21 — at Port Huron; 22 — Flint; 28 — Kalamazoo; 29 — Muskegon.

April: 4 — at Bloomington; 5 — at Muskegon; 6 — at Port Huron; 9 — Muskegon; 11 — Flint; 12 — at Flint.

What Bruce had to say

July 9, 2007

After deliberating for several weeks, player/assistant coach Bruce Richardson is leaving the Komets to sign in the Central Hockey League. Komets General Manager David Franke said RIchardson is signing with Wichita, but Richardson declined to confirm which team it is until that team makes the announcement.

“This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my career,” said Richardson who turned 30 on June 8. “I know the Frankes made the best offer they could, but the CHL was able to give me just a little bit more. They were really pushing to get me, calling me every day and doing whatever they could to get me to sign. I’m intrigued by the Central league.”

There were several other factors as well. Richardson likes the CHL’s 64-game schedule compared to the International Hockey League’s 76-game slate. He also said he has concerns about the new IHL which has only six teams. If the former United Hockey League had not experienced such instability this summer, Richardson said it was likely he would have re-signed with the Komets a month ago.

“The Komets knew that was why I was hesitating at the time,” he said. “I feel bad because they are one of the greatest organizations I have ever worked with, and I’ll still say that 10 years from now when I retire.”

Money was a factor, Richardson said.

“When they can pay you $50 or $75 more per week, that adds up over a 25-week season,” he said. “When you have a family, that makes a difference.”

Richardson scored 15 goals and 47 poins last year in 57 games while earning 135 penalty minutes. “We made the best offer to him that we could and obviously they were offering more or whatever,” Franke said. “I think he’s intrigued that there are only 64 games there compared to 76 in our league. He’s taking care of his family and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing to a player.”

The Komets have not signed any players for next year, but Franke said the team is getting close to signing a couple of returning players.

“I’m not really concerned,” he said. “Last year at this time we didn’t even have a coach in place. It’s still early. We just have to stay on the phones and keep talking to our drafted players, our players from last year and some new players. It’s just a lot of phone work and everyody has to have a lot of patience.”


Former Komet passes away

July 9, 2007

It is being reported that Mike Kardash who played for the Komets in 1961-62 died on July 3. He was a defensman who played 14 games with the Komets that season. He spent most of his time in the Eastern Hockey League playing for Charlotte.

Oh, crap, is Skate in trouble

July 5, 2007


Terry Pembroke did not think Skate’s little crack the other day about Don Imus being on the Komets’ blog was too funny. In fact, as you can see, he has taken some drastic action and he wants me to give him Skate’s identity and address. He said something about doing a Texas Two-Step on his face. I’m not sure that’s an exact quote because of all the four-letter words that were used that I couldn’t decipher.

Above left is the picture Skate was commenting on, and next to it is the result of what happened. I’m not exactly sure which picture Terry was sober for and which he wasn’t. Unlike Skate, I’m sure as heck not stupid enough to ask him, either.

If I were you, Skate, I’d start running, but I’m not sure where. Canada is not an answer, because he’ll have Cal Purinton guarding the border, and neither is Mexico since you’ll probably have to run by Pembroke’s house to get there.

Update on Dane

July 4, 2007

This is some pretty awesome news from Josh:

Hey Blake just so you know everything went fine.  It was a long operation but he is resting now and ready to come home.  We will actually be coming home in about a week possibly.  My wife wrote a big entry on his Caring Bridge page if you care to look at it.  Thanks again for all the prayers. and typing in danefarlee