What Bruce had to say

July 9, 2007

After deliberating for several weeks, player/assistant coach Bruce Richardson is leaving the Komets to sign in the Central Hockey League. Komets General Manager David Franke said RIchardson is signing with Wichita, but Richardson declined to confirm which team it is until that team makes the announcement.

“This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my career,” said Richardson who turned 30 on June 8. “I know the Frankes made the best offer they could, but the CHL was able to give me just a little bit more. They were really pushing to get me, calling me every day and doing whatever they could to get me to sign. I’m intrigued by the Central league.”

There were several other factors as well. Richardson likes the CHL’s 64-game schedule compared to the International Hockey League’s 76-game slate. He also said he has concerns about the new IHL which has only six teams. If the former United Hockey League had not experienced such instability this summer, Richardson said it was likely he would have re-signed with the Komets a month ago.

“The Komets knew that was why I was hesitating at the time,” he said. “I feel bad because they are one of the greatest organizations I have ever worked with, and I’ll still say that 10 years from now when I retire.”

Money was a factor, Richardson said.

“When they can pay you $50 or $75 more per week, that adds up over a 25-week season,” he said. “When you have a family, that makes a difference.”

Richardson scored 15 goals and 47 poins last year in 57 games while earning 135 penalty minutes. “We made the best offer to him that we could and obviously they were offering more or whatever,” Franke said. “I think he’s intrigued that there are only 64 games there compared to 76 in our league. He’s taking care of his family and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing to a player.”

The Komets have not signed any players for next year, but Franke said the team is getting close to signing a couple of returning players.

“I’m not really concerned,” he said. “Last year at this time we didn’t even have a coach in place. It’s still early. We just have to stay on the phones and keep talking to our drafted players, our players from last year and some new players. It’s just a lot of phone work and everyody has to have a lot of patience.”



29 Responses to “What Bruce had to say”

  1. Tony E Says:

    Much like when the Komets changed leagues a few years back, there will be very few holdovers. Within a couple of years an entire new cast of characters will be in place. In a cap league as much as I respect Bruce as a competitor I am glad they did not overspend to keep him.

  2. David Says:

    He basically did not like the direction this league was heading with just a 6 team league and playing a team 15 times during the year. He also made a statement he did not like the fact the league would not follow the NHL rules. He calls the K’s the best organization he has played but that is not enough for him to resign. The K’s will sign players but for the most part those players will be the ECHL and CHL players who couldn’t cut it there and guys on their last leg playing minor league hockey. This year the product will not be like FW is use to but more on the lines of the early years of the UHL. It will be more like SPHL hockey which isn’t great but not all that bad.

  3. Komet Warrior Says:

    I can t belelive that Richardsen is not a going to be a Komet. Stayed tune to OHIC for the new signings!

  4. Greg Says:

    It does say something to me of how well the IHL is selling their product to current players. Just my opinion though.

  5. IcyKometsFan84 Says:

    ok i am retarded what is OHIC again i can’t remember

  6. Hoss Says:

    Icy, it’s a made-up club, wanna join???

    I’m sad to see Richardson leave but it’s better than him staying and being unsure of the team and the IHL. Let’s get some guys in here so we know what we are looking foward to!

  7. Tera Says:

    When he was being wishy washying about signing I knew he wouldn’t be back. I say good luck to Bruce, but if you aren’t in it wholeheartedly, then… see ya!

    So we have a higher salary cap, but about 10 more games….so we are probably in actuality paying less than some other leagues. Am I right or is there something I’m missing in there?!

  8. Greg Says:

    Good way to look at it Tera. On a per game basis the CHL may be a higher paying league.

  9. Kevin Says:

    The salary cap is per/week

  10. Greg Says:

    Still, it’s an interesting way to look the cap. Getting paid more to play in less game. Who wouldn’t want to get paid more to do less. 😉

  11. Burgee Says:

    Good Luck Bruce.

  12. IcyKometsFan84 Says:

    ok thanks hoss

  13. Tony E Says:

    If the cap is per week and the season is longer then the players are probably making more money over the course of a season in the IHL. I am not sure what the per game average would break down to but 12 games has to add 2-3 weeks to the schedule so that is 2-3 weeks more the players are getting paid.

  14. Komet Warrior Says:

    Icy the OHIC is Outside Hockey information Center. The people in it alraedy are Blakes, ME, Ameilia, mark, and Hoss.
    Tony my brother told me there the same number of weeks but IHL plays more games in them is how it works MAN!

  15. Hoss Says:

    Count me out KW…

  16. J-Rid Says:

    Glad to see Dupuis back…

  17. Jungle Monkey Says:

    Think they held onto the Guy signing to counter the bad new regarding Bruce?

  18. Greg Says:

    Even though it was expected, at least someone is in the barn now. Let’s see who else they can sign.

  19. Greg Says:

    I doubt it JM. IT sounded like a pretty done deal the way Blake and Justin were reporting.

  20. Skate Says:

    I’m not happy to see Richardson leave, but he was hardly a game breaking player.

  21. Greg Says:

    Looks like th Komets open up the season on October 20 against Port Huron.

  22. paulsy Says:

    OHIC update …. … ….. .. …. .. ……. …. ……


    KW must be in Applebee’s restroom looking for the next breaking news story MAN!

  23. Junior Says:

    Paulsy, you might be in trouble when KW see’s this, unless you have already discussed this with him prior.

    Nevermind, saw the header, looks legit to me.

  24. What in the world would you put Hawthornes picture in the paper for? I was having a good off season until i saw that, there goes the blood pressure!

    I know, I know, just like the headlines you don’t get to pick the pictures.

  25. […] What Bruce had to say After deliberating for several weeks, player/assistant coach Bruce Richardson is leaving the Komets to sign in the […] […]

  26. Junior Says:

    Article from Kansas pertaining to the signing of Bruce:


  27. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    More wild talk. He won faceoffs here? Which player was he anyway?

    He was gritty and hustled…..all the rest is fantasy world stuff. Good Luck in the CHL er….RGHL!

  28. Tony E Says:

    What I noted about that article was his quote regarding his prediction he would score 25-30 goals. Only once in his long career has he scored 25 so either he thinks his linemates are going to turn him into Sidney Crosby or he thinks the goaltending is very bad in that league.

  29. chuckitt Says:

    must have been a typo i can score 25 to 30 assists and chip in a few goals is what it was suppose to say!! lol good luck bruce you played hard and were exciting to watch but your loyalty is elsewhere and now so is mine , no matter how good you thlink you are.

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