Book is now available in bookstores

August 8, 2007

Finally, the book is available for order through the bookstores and might be on sale as early as late this week. I know Walden’s in Glenbrook is ordering some copies for sure, and the rest of the stores can now order it through their supplier. It is also available at Komet Kuarters and will be available at the games against this season.

There is going to be a second Komets book on the men who have had their numbers retired. It’s about 75 percent finished, but I won’t be able to publish it until probably next year at this time because of the agreement with the publisher of the first book. If the first book takes off, maybe this one can come out sooner.

 I’m also working on a non-Komet sports book which is about 75 percent done and I hope to publish next spring. Can’t say more than that yet.


50 Responses to “Book is now available in bookstores”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Welcome back, Blake!

    As to your second book, hope you’ll have lots to write about my all-time favorite Komet player, #18, Robbie Laird. On second thought, I think I could probably write a book about him myself. How about some competition???

    Sorry you missed all the excitement when the K’s signed my second favorite ever, Colin Chaulk. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the assistant coach role. I think he’s the perfect choice for that position.

  2. Blake Says:

    Right now there’s about 12-15 pages on each of them.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    did you write a book?

  4. Junior Says:

    Yea, where’s the advertisment for it Blake?

  5. Tony E Says:

    is books them paper things with all the funny pictures in them?

    Seriously Blake congrats all around. You should be very proud.

  6. Junior Says:

    The newest one about the players that have their number retired sounds awesome.

  7. chuckitt Says:

    chase on the radio this morning said henley would be signed and they had a dman on th radar as tough as henley and 6ft 9 ! any info?

  8. Greg Says:

    I know a lot of people will be happy with Henley signing, But I ask this question. When will the signing take place? If in fact he won’t be available til December at the earliest and he’s signed now, the Komets automaticly use up an IR spot for an injured player.

  9. chuckitt Says:

    chase said he might be available nov ist but i bet thats a little too soon unless his surgery wasnt as bad as once thought.

  10. Junior Says:

    Huge Henley fan!! Good deal!! I can wait for him to play…

  11. Junior Says:

    Here’s the 6′ 9 guy you were talking about…

  12. Junior Says:


    This thing needs an edit button as much as I mess up.

  13. lovelost Says:

    I really hope that Manson guy signs.

  14. chuckitt Says:

    is his nickname charlie??

  15. Tony E Says:

    Sorry if this is old news and hopefully this can be brought up without any insults directed his way but I notice Arthur Kiyaga also has a book that has published. I am trying to remember if this was talked about a few months ago or not.

  16. FiveMinuteMajor Says:

    I knew his poetry had been talked about here but I don’t remember any mention of a book, but then again I can be kind of a blonde sometimes… Good for Arthur, I’m glad to see he got published!

  17. IcyKometsFan84 Says:

    So much for them signing players by the weekend

  18. lovelost Says:

    agreed IcyKometsFan84

  19. Mark Says:

    They may have signed..BUT..until they get league approval they can’t annouce it….so just keep your pants on..they will be annouced…

  20. Mark Says:

    but i’m not saying they will make any kind of annoucement this week..because I have no idea…I’m just saying..they might of signed on friday..if they’ll probably be annouced this week sometime..who knows…its only Aug 12..

  21. lovelost Says:

    everyone knew Hansen signed days before and they had it on the Fort Wayne news days before they announced it. What you guys think of Flint getting a affilate with Detriot Red wings and also being able to put two players in Red Wings and the Atlanta Thrashers training camp? I think the Komets need this badly. So does the rest of the teams in the league.

  22. chuckitt Says:

    its all window dressing doesnt really mean much except to fool a rookie into thinking something that statisticly wont happen, but if otheres do it , then we should too. hershey with our connection there would be a great start!

  23. Mark Says:

    Its been said that we got some spots in 2 diffrent AHL camps..that right there will draw in some younger guys..who want to go to that league….

  24. lovelost Says:

    yea like what teams? QC and Rockford?

  25. Teresa Says:

    What’s the deal I’m hearing on WMEE this morning about the K’s signing a local kid from Carroll High School???

  26. lovelost Says:

    Maybe from that Komets Junior team.

  27. Andrew Says:

    Teresa…they are talking about Brandon Warner, he played at Michigan State for 4 years. He is from Huntertown.

  28. chuckitt Says:

    big signing are on the way!! be ready!!!

  29. lucher Says:

    This thread seems to be on???

  30. DROPTHEGLOVES!!!!!! Says:


  31. J-Rid Says:

    Can you give us a hint as to the big signing?

  32. Greg Says:

    Look’s like he forgot a couple.

  33. chuckitt Says:

    no hints just think big scorer and maybe a ft wayne connection

  34. chuckitt Says:

    say it aint so blake, dont you have a flunkie who can supervise the blog for you? dont let conehead get one up on you!

  35. Blake Says:

    There’s just so many other things that I’m responsible for and only so many hours in a day. If you guys check out the paper of late, I think you’ll see why I say that. I just can’t give the blog the time it needs right now, and it deserves better. If I had the time, stuff like last Friday would not happen because we can’t have that. I just don’t have the time because I’m getting pulled in a lot of directions.

  36. Greg Says:

    BTW-KOmets make Three signings. Marchant is back. Degange is signed. And a rookie by the name of Michael George (I can see the Goerge Michael jokes coming in now).
    The rookie looks to be pretty solid. Had good numbers in juniors. Prettu upbeat about these signings.

  37. chuckitt Says:

    understand blakester. you need an intern to do that type of stuff with you> wheres matt bair when you need him???

  38. Bob Says:


    We understand. I’m sure that if you give the blog a rest for awhile it will hopefully give everyone (and you) a change to recharge the batteries.

    It’s sad when one or two people do stupid things to make the rest of us look bad.

    You have done a great job with this blog and I hope that your bosses recognize that regardless of what may occur in the future.

    I’ll see you and everyone else at the rink soon……

  39. Tony E Says:

    I have said elsewhere and I am glad to be able to have this thread open to say it here. I am sorry my actions caused that individual to respond to me in the way he did. I never saw a reaction like that coming but I guess looking back I should have. I had made my point and I should have let it go before it got to where it did. Bob is correct it was a stupid thing for me to do and while I know Blake and many others have told me this is not my fault, I do feel as though a large portion of it is.

  40. Bob Says:


    My remarks were not directed at you. I thought that you showed a remarkable amount of restraint and class dealing with someone who was completely clueless and out of line. I’m sure that I would have blown a gasket dealing with that individual.

    I have to deal with people like LL in my job on a regular basis. If I could deal with people like you more often, my job would be much easier.

    Take Care….

  41. chuckitt Says:

    great job bob and tony! you guys make blogging fun like its supose to be! unfortunatly it only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrell and i dont think that bad apple is smart enough to understand what even happened!!

  42. Bob Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Chuckitt. I have always had a great deal of respect for people like you who’ve supported the team over the years and made Komet Hockey the experience it is.

    BTW….I will be enjoying later this season my 1,000th game as a Komet Fan! I had many years being single (and dateless) that allowed many road games!

  43. Tony E Says:

    Hi guys. Thanks and I appreciate it. I did think I pushed LL too far so I need to take some responsibility for that.
    Congrats on 1000 games! The Komets should give you a plaque or something. That has to be at least 20 years?

  44. chuckitt Says:

    hate to say it but my estimate is about 1500 give or take a couple hundred! tony you dint push LL to far! he or she kept saying stuff and then changing what they said and that deserved to be challenged. you just backed them down and he/she didnt like it and couldnt climb out of the hole and then got in the attack mode!! keep up the good blogging!!

  45. Wingmnn Says:

    I have been going to games since 1976 when I was 5 and have gone to many away games, at one point I had been to every rink in the old IHL (before the airplane trips). I wonder how many games that might be?

  46. Bob Says:


    I would guess that you have reached the 2,000 game milestone if not more. It will have taken me 21 seasons to reach my 1,000. (from ’87-’88 thru ’07-’08)

    You’ve likely watched games in buildings that don’t exist anymore.

    Congrats and best wishes to everyone celebrating a milestone occasion this season!

  47. chuckitt Says:

    ive been going to games since 1959 and have been a season ticket holder since 1974. so i guess 1500 might have been a little low!

  48. Hit Somebody!!! Says:

    Chuckitt, I bet you have forgotten about more games than….


    All in fun. I bet you smiled.

  49. chuckitt Says:

    yes i have and yes i did!!!!

  50. J-Rid Says:

    I see we are still trying to sign Chaz Johnson…

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