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Aquino faces possible suspension

February 29, 2008

Referee John Searle gave Luciano Aquino a high-sticking major and an attempt to injure match penalty during the second period. That means a player is automatically suspended until the league can rule on further discipline.

 Bloomington players seemed to target Aquino, the IHL’s third-leading scorer, from the start of the game. During the second period, the PrairieThunder’s Brett Holmberg skated 25 feet to hit Aquino from behind near the boards well after Aquino had released the puck. Play continued for several seconds with Holmberg dumping the puck in the Fort Wayne zone. As Holmberg turned to skate to the Bloomington bench, Aquino hit him across the chest with his stick. This started a melee when Bloomington’s Don Parsons came off the bench to attack Aquino from behind.

 “I don’t think it was vicious or anything,” Aquino said. “If it had been vicious, he would have been hurt. All game long they were trying to fight me.”

Originally Searle called Aquino from a cross checking major, but he changed his ruling after the second-period intermission. Holmberg’s hit on Aquino barely appears on the official game tape, and neither Aquino’s hit on Holmberg nor Parsons leaving the bench appear on the game tape.


1-0 after the first

February 29, 2008

Not sure why, but I’ve got a feeling this game could get out of hand fairly easily.

Shafranov is on IR with a sore foot.

I thought I could show you Aquino’s goal but it will be in tomorrow’s paper.

No deals before the deadline

February 29, 2008

This is a release from the IHL:

The International Hockey League (IHL) announced that the trade deadline, which was today at 3:00 p.m. EST, has passed. There were no trades made today before the deadline.

Port Huron and Bloomington were the only two teams to trade this week. The two member clubs started the week with a deal that sent Port Huron rookie forward Neil Clark to Bloomington for veteran forward Don Margettie on Tuesday. Clark has played one game since joining the PrairieThunder where he dished out one assist, totaled four penalty minutes and went plus-2 on Wednesday in Bloomington’s 3-2 loss to Muskegon. Margettie is scheduled to make his Icehawks debut tonight in Port Huron versus Muskegon.

Member Clubs will not be allowed to make trades until the start of the Annual Meetings in June.

Looking forward to Friday night

February 28, 2008

Seems like it’s been a lot longer than two weeks since the Komets played at home, doesn’t it?

I talked with Komets GM David Franke today and he said they still haven’t had any trade interest and they are already looking toward talking with agents next week for an amateur forward and a defenseman. Those spots do count against the regular-season roster, Franke said, but not against the postseason roster for some reason. I’m a little confused on that one. Either way, it doesn’t look like the Komets will necessarily have to make a roster move to clear space.

So far we’ve got two folks who have given me their thoughts on Bob Chase to possibly be included in his book. If any one else would like to participate, please feel free to post it here or email me.

Here’s something else: What kind of questions would  you like to see Bob asked in the book?

Henley suspended for five games

February 26, 2008

The International Hockey League (IHL) announced Tuesday the following suspension resulting from player actions during IHL Game #161, Fort Wayne @ Kalamazoo, on Sunday, February 24.

Defenseman Brent Henley has been suspended five (5) games for his actions during Sunday’s game.  The suspension is being issued under Rule 29 (Supplementary Discipline).  Henley will be ineligible to participate in the following games:

IHL Game #166, Bloomington @ Fort Wayne, Friday, February 29

IHL Game #169, Fort Wayne @ Bloomington, Saturday, March 1

IHL Game #171, Fort Wayne @ Flint, Sunday, March 2

IHL Game #134, Flint @ Fort Wayne, Wednesday, March 5

IHL Game #175, Fort Wayne @ Muskegon, Friday, March 7

Chaulk story is up

February 26, 2008

Sorry for the delay, but you can read it here. This week’s video clip is also up and can be seen here.


February 25, 2008

The Komets were shut out on this week’s International Hockey League Players of the Week voting, but there were still some players who had good weekends. The Komets nominated Terry Marchant at forward, Guy Dupuis at defense, Mathieu Curadeau at rookie and Nick Boucher at goaltender.

 The league is also saying that czar of discipline Brad Jones is reviewing Brent Henley’s cross checking penalty from Sunday and might make a decision tomorrow.

Al pulls some fast ones

February 24, 2008

Komets coach Al Sims has consistently used the same forward lines all season, but he sometimes mixes things up during road games. Sunday it paid off as the Komets rallied from a 2-0 deficit to beat Kalamazoo 4-2.

The home team’s coach has the final change after each whistle, meaning he can set up his forwards the way he wants them against an opponent. Usually they’ll put their most-experienced forwards against the most-inexperienced defensemen, and best defenseman against the other team’s best forwards. Using versatile forwards P.C. Drouin, Terry Marchant and Terry Reynolds who can play any position, Sims likes to counter by mixing and matching.

“Every time I play (Kalamazoo coach) Brian Curran he’s very into matching and I like to throw a few different wrinkles at him if I can,’’ Sims said. “These games are chess matches every time we play them, and I try to keep them off-balance if I can, even in their building.”

Sims said he hasn’t tried the trick much at home because he hasn’t needed to, but the Wings had the Komets bottled up halfway through the second period with a 2-0 lead before the Komets got some favorable match-ups to force some penalties and get back into the game.

“Before we go into a game, we know who has the most minuses on their defense and who has the most minuses as a line so I know which lines I need to get my best player out against so we can have success,’’ Sims said. “A lot goes into it.’’

It’s the first time this season the Komets have rallied from a 2-0 deficit to come back to win. Mathieu Curadeau scored two goals to give him three over his last three games, and Drouin had three assists to lead the Fort Wayneoffense. Curadeau scored the game-winning goal early in the third period. Nick Boucher made 28 saves as the Komets out-shot the Wings 40-30.

Guys I’m still looking for

February 24, 2008

Anybody know where to find: Casey Burnette, Chris Dearden, Craig Desjarlis, Martin Fillion, David Frawley, Randy Hankinson, Kevin Holliday, Matt Hunter, Justin Kearns, Shane Kenny, Kevin Kurk, J.F. Labarre, Charlie Lawson, Jeff Loder, Aaron MacDonald, Todd MacDonald, Trevor Matter, David Mayes, Mike McKay, Ben Metzger, Mike Perna, Dennis Pinfold, Kevin Popp, Bogdan Rudenko, Kevin Slota or Josh VanderBreggen from the UHL days?

 How about Serge Anglehart, Ed Barber, John Belisle, Ray Boyko, Dion Darling, Bob Daski, Roy Davidson, Mike Doersam, Trevor Doyle, David Duerden, George Edwards, Kelly Elcombe, Brian Farrell, Chris Felix, Jerry Fleury, Pierre Gagne, Liam Garvey, Bill Graham, Phil Hughes, Jean-Paul Lambert, Mike Legg, Sal Manganero, Don Martin, Pat Mazzoli, Ron Meier, Andy Milne, Bibber O’Hearn, Red Olsen, Kyle Reeves, Marc Saumier, Brett Seguin, Gary Sharp, Nick Stajduhar, Shayne Stevenson, Wes Swinson or Derek Wood?

I’m not looking for address or phone numbers necessarily, just the towns where they are living. Of course, I have to be able to confirm them. Thanks for any and all guidance. 

I thought this was interesting

February 24, 2008

As part of working on Bob’s book, I asked him “Why hockey?” This was his response:

“To me hockey is really unique and I’ve been fortunate enough to play about every sport. I never played rugby, lacrosse or soccer, but about everything else I’ve tried. I’ve never been exceptional at any of them but passible enough to get by. I was a good enough athlete to play high school and college sports, and a little semi-pro stuff. There’s something that is so different about hockey from the rest of them. I would almost call it an individual team sport. A coach of a hockey team has a real strange responsibility because he has to take talent and individual psyche and be able to match it up with people who can play together and be successful. Hockey players are all in their own way eccentrics, but they are all there with a common bond, like I’m there with the same bond because hockey is different from my way of thinking than any sport. You just have to make so many more sacrifices. Yes, I see football and baseball, but the actual physicality of the sport and what you put into it is so demanding that if you let up on it at any point for any moment it’s pretty obvious you aren’t doing your job. That’s why I like hockey more than any other sport. There’s no place you can coast except back to the bench. A lot of people who coasted with incredible talent went to the bench and never got back off. A lot of guys with no talent at all except the knowledge of how to scramble over the boards one way or the other are still playing because they know what it takes to win.”