Chaulk story is up

February 26, 2008

Sorry for the delay, but you can read it here. This week’s video clip is also up and can be seen here.


4 Responses to “Chaulk story is up”

  1. andydunn Says:

    Great story Blake and more power to Chaulker! This just brings up the though of one of your last stories, how you were saying players such as chaulk and huk were not too happy with the rough stuff going on in this league. Since you have contact with the guys, are any of them really considering getting out of the league next year if there are not changes being made?

    I truly hope this is not the case, because I love being able to see the long term guys like P.C. Chaulk, Huk, Guy out on the Ice in the Orange and Black.

  2. bsebring Says:

    It’s way too early to tell, Andy, but my guess is that I don’t believe that the rules will make that big a difference one way or the other on who returns. It’s been my experience that it always comes down to the money. Always. That’s not cynical, just realistic.

  3. intheblue Says:

    Great article for a good guy. When you see him around the players at his summer camps or at hockey house you know that he really cares about the kids.

  4. teresa215 Says:

    Thanks for the insight, Blake and thanks to Chaulker for sharing his story. I’m sure there really are a lot of kids out there that can relate to his story. I know I can.

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