Change on the lines

March 4, 2008

Coach Al Sims today said he’s changing up the forward lines a little. He’s keeping P.C. Drouin with Colin Chaulk and Mitch Woods, and putting Luciano Aquino with Terry Marchant and Matt Reynolds. Could work out great for both  lines.

Brandon Warner and Konstantin Shafranov also looked good in practice today and could come off IR at any time.

 You can also read today’s story here.

And another thing. We’re 57 games into the season, they’re coming off three-games-in-three-nights with the last two on the road. The Komets should be flatter than a pancake right now, but they were jumping like crazy at practice today. You’d have thought they were all 8 years old they were having so much fun. I tell you what, Al Sims runs the best practices of any Komets coach I’ve seen. There’s no standing around, they get a lot done and they have fun doing it. They worked HARD today, but it was fun to watch because they were having so much fun. That’s pretty remarkable for this time of the season.


2 Responses to “Change on the lines”

  1. janiceshep Says:

    Like I have said all season…there is something special about this team. You can feel it every game and it is obvious you can feel it at practice as well…

    Go Komets!!!

  2. teresa215 Says:

    Another great article, Blake! I’m glad to see that Sims is going to keep PC on the top line. They have been on fire! I’m also glad to see Warner and Shaf will be back.

    There seems to be great chemistry on this team and there really is something special about them. Let’s keep the momentum going right on into the playoffs and break the cycle of the last couple of years. I think this team can do it. Bring the Cup back to the Fort. Go K’s!!!

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