That’s just crazy

March 28, 2008

Three power-play goals in the third period to come back and win 4-3. Some observations:

 * The Kalamazoo deflection by Kory Karlander at the last second did indeed go in, but time had already expired. Goal judge John Cains said he was pushing the button to signal the goal, but the goal light can not go on after time has expired.

* How about Al Sims running four lines tonight? The Komets had only five defenseman so Sims went with 12 forwards. Sergei Durdin is still out with a neck injury, Kevin Bertram had the flu and Brent Henley is still recovering from his diabetes situation from last week. The Komets will go with the same lineup Saturday against Muskegon.

* That crowd was just like the old days. The fans definitely had a major part in this game. All the players were talking afterward about how loud the building was.

* How big was Nick Boucher tonight? He kept the Komets in the game. He also said two of the Kalamazoo goals went in off the bodies of Komets.

* There’s no way to tell if this is the all-time pro hockey record. There have been more than 40 pro leagues so there’s no way to tell for sure.

* The less said about the officiating the better.

I may be back to update more later.


One Response to “That’s just crazy”

  1. bsebring Says:

    Indiana of the MWHL won 26 in a row before the league folded this year. Do you count them? Syracuse Blues of the EHL/NAHL had an 85-game undefeated streak at home from 71-74 including 36-0-2 during one season. There’s no way to really know what the record is. The Komets do have the record for current existing leagues, but there are about 40 more leaves that have come and gone.

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