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Fantastic job

April 30, 2008

Between the first and second periods on Sunday, a check for $6,500 is going to be presented from the fundraising efforts for the recent Komets Oldtimers-Fort Wayne Police and Fire Department charity game at McMillen Ice Arena. The game was held in part to benefit the family of former Komet Byron Lomow whose sone B.J. almost died from a staph infection. That’s an amazing amount from a one-night event and everyone involved should be very proud. Way to go!


Something neat

April 30, 2008

HELLO KOMET HOCKEY CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SFC Ryan Bridgewater sending his “GO KOMETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” all the way from Iraq. It has been awesome to get all of the news of this seasons run for the cup. Congratulations on such a phenomenal season. I wish the soldiers from the 1st Battalion 293rd Infantry could have been there to cheer on such a great hockey club, through such an outstanding season. You better believe that the fans that are here are all conversing about how well the team has done up to this point and keeping each other informed of the teams situations, trades, injuries, game scores, etc. You can also count on there being plenty of team support when we return home at the end of this deployment. Our gym here has floor hockey games and we are currently trying to get a rhythm down where we can get enough soldiers together on a regular basis and start our own team. You bet, those of us that are trying to put it together have already agreed that we will carry the Fort Wayne Komet name with us on to the field of battle at the gym and ensure that everyone knows just who they are playing against, some good old Komet fans. I also wanted send my thanks and the thanks of the soldiers who have made mention of the care packages from the items collected during the home games in support of the troops. The care packages were plentiful and well appreciated by all, Thank you for your support! Anyways, I just wanted to say Good Luck and Best Wishes to the players, staff, owners, and fans of that fantastic organization as the pursuit for the glory of championship nears.

SFC Ryan Bridgewater

Which goalie do you go with in Game 1?

April 29, 2008

Nick Boucher was 6-0 against Port Huron. Kevin Reiter was 6-3, but actually had better numbers, including three shutouts. So whom would you go with?

Loose crew at practice today

April 29, 2008

Maybe the most amazing thing I saw today was that there was only one player wearing ice or getting worked on in the training room today and that was for something very minor. The Komets are remarkably healthy for this time of the season, and they really have been all season.

At this time of the year, Al Sims likes to have practices that last no longer than an hour, if that, but there were still several players staying late to work on some individual stuff. Colin Chaulk was drilling with Olivier Legault, Guy Dupuis was doing single-leg skates and Justin Hodgman was working on his shooting with Kevin Reiter.

I told Justin he might be the youngest Komet ever to score a playoff goal, and Guy brought up an interesting point wondering if Konstantin Shafranov isn’t the oldest ever to score a playoff goal. I have to do some more research, but I’m guessing that’s a pretty safe call on Guy’s part.

Nothing great strategy-wise revealed today, but that’s what happens when you face each other 15 times during the season. The Komets are very confident, but I don’t get the sense they are over-confident.

“They worked really hard against us, and it seems like they had three lines going hard at us,” Dupuis said of Port Huron. “I think the goalies came up with the big saves at the right time and kind of kept them down. It would be tied 2-2 and they would make the big save and we’d come up with a lucky shot late and win the game. I think after a while it got in their heads that it might be difficult to beat us. I thought they sometimes out-worked us. They were definitely the hardest-working team in the league. They are really physical. They did all the right things except winning on the scoreboard.”

This week’s video is up

April 29, 2008

Including Kevin Bertram going after the puck at the end of the game can be seen here. Today’s article can be read here.

Hotel packages in Port Huron

April 29, 2008

Visit Port Huron and support your Fort Wayne Komets on the road. Stay and play packages are available in Port Huron through the Holiday Inn Express and the Fairfield Inn by Marriott. The $89 package includes a room night and two tickets to an IceHawks vs. Komets Turner Cup Finals game. Call the Holiday Inn at 810-987-5999 or the Fairfield In at 810-982-8500 to reserve your package today. 

Here’s the schedule

April 28, 2008

Game 1, Friday, 8 p.m., Fort Wayne

Game 2, Saturday, 7:30 p.m., Port Huron

Game 3, Sunday, 6 p.m., Fort Wayne

Game 4, Wednesday, 7 p.m., Port Huron

Game 5, Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Fort Wayne

Game 6, Saturday, 7:30 p.m., Port Huron

Game 7, Monday, 7:30 p.m., Fort Wayne

What would you do with the Turner Cup for a day?

April 27, 2008

The tradition is that each member of the winning team gets the Turner Cup for a day. What would you do with it on your day?

Today’s stories and pictures

April 27, 2008

You can read the main story here, the notebook here, and you can look at Chad’s pictures here. Hope everyone made it home safe last night.

A good omen

April 27, 2008

Turned off 94 onto 69 about 2 a.m. tonight and in the eastern sky was a 66 percent moon and it was orange! How can you beat that?

Now, on the glovehand of Isaac Reichmuth: The Komets heard he might have dinged his glovehand in one of the pileups in Game 3 in Fort Wayne. Not sure whether it was true or not, but if the FW fans in attendance tonight watched warmups closely, the Fury shooters didn’t go anywhere near his glovehand the entire time. It was almost like they were afraid to shoot at it like it might give something away.

So what happens? First two FW shots are high glovehand and he never had a chance at either of them. After the game, the Komets all said they were trying to go after that hole ASAP when the game started. Neither Muskegon goaltender has a great glovehand anyway, but there was no doubt where the Komets were going with most of their shots Saturday night.

There’s a story and all kinds of notes coming in the Sunday on-line sports section at, but I’m finally going to crash after a 14-hour day. Chad Ryan also has some amazing pictures coming in Monday’s paper.