April 1, 2008

P.C. Drouin has just been named the IHL’s forward of the month for March, possibly clinching the league’s most valuable player award. Drouin had 11 goals and 22 points to lead the Komets in scoring in March.

 Since Drouin joined the Komets Nov. 23, they have gone 43-9-5 as he has averaged 1.25 points per game. Their power play has also increased by 10 percent since his return. He has led the Komets in scoring in January, February and March.


3 Responses to “MVP.C.”

  1. fiveminutemajor Says:

    OK I take back the fit I threw when PC got robbed of the player of the week award a few weeks ago. 🙂 Way to go, PC!

  2. ds214 Says:

    When you are comfortable and your talent is appreciated you can be a driving force. Not that PC was’nt before I just feel the coach did not use him or other players properly. This team is tremendous, as I have seen many over the years. Congrats to PC and GO K’s.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    i always said back in the day that our coach at the time was not liked or respected by the players. chaulk and pc left for europe and now both are back and see how they play when they have a coach they respect.

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