Komets win major IHL awards

April 2, 2008

Komets defenseman Guy Dupuis was named the IHL’s best defenseman today along with the league’s most sportsmanlike player. David Hukalo was named the league’s outstanding defensive forward, and team president Michael Franke was named the league’s executive of the year.

In the other front-office awards, Wade Welsh of Kalamazoo was named the general manager of the year, Martha Ewalt of Port Huron the public relations director of the year, Mike Modugno of Kalamazoo the broadcaster of the year and Bob Langdon was named the officiating staff member of the year.


6 Responses to “Komets win major IHL awards”

  1. dschebig Says:

    Right on! Guy is one classy guy. Very deserving individual. The League would be very hard pressed to select a better person to represent them. He could very well be the IHL’s MVP. He not only leads on the ice but in the locker room. He has a fantastic sense of humor when he is in the penalty box.

    The Komet’s hardest working player could very likely be David Hukalo. Quite, unassuming, mild mannered guy who leads by his play on the ice. I sure hope he plays for a few more years. The game needs this kind of man.

    It is for sure the League’s powers know who the “Top Dog” is. Michael Franke is just fun to work for and a pleasure to be around.

    There are a couple awards to go and “Coach of the Year” just must be Al Sims, hands down.

  2. teresa215 Says:

    Gotta definitely agree with Dennis. They are all well-deserved awards and Sims should win Coach of the Year. I’m curious to see who will win League MVP though. We have so many deserving candidates on this team, I’m not sure I could pick just one. What a problem to have!

  3. dschebig Says:

    Blake, What would you think if the “Off Ice” officials had somekind of a vote for say “Best Official” or even input in the Players Awards? We see them all year. Trust me we know the “Nice Guys” and the “Jerks”. We get up close and personal with the coaches. Example: Very few people saw Don Parsons come over and give congratulations to Guy Dupius on his 700th. game a very classy thing. I took the time to tell him so the next time Bloomington was in Fort Wayne. Than he goes and leaves the bench to get in a fight. Dumb! What say you?

  4. bsebring Says:

    I’d say you guys have a much closer view than I do and probably even more of a right to vote. I’ve never been comfortable deciding these things, though I understand why they like the media to vote. (Maybe next year I’ll give you my vote. Don’ tell anyone). LOL.

  5. stevell Says:

    I agree with the previous comments. Guy is a great person, someone special in many ways. IMHO he should be this year’s bobble head but the fans have spoken.

  6. burgee Says:

    Well Deserved, congratulations.

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