Here’s a fun one

April 5, 2008

I was looking at the N-S Komets page today and it had the picture of Colin Chin leaning over gasping outside the locker room after the 1993 playoff game 2 in Atlanta. That is still the best game I have ever seen the Komets play. It has drama, great plays and an outstanding opponent. To me, it beats out Game 7 of 91 in Indy because both teams were playing their very best, and both sides were too exhausted to do that in 1991.

So, which is the best game you’ve ever seen the Komets play? I thought about asking it about this season, but figured everyone would pick the 9-1 whipping of Flint.  So all-time, what was your favorite Komets’ game you ever saw? I can be the best game or the best game the Komets themselves played. I’ll let you pick.

Also, we’re going to need any more Bob Chase memories to be submitted by the end of the season. We’ve got about seven so far.


5 Responses to “Here’s a fun one”

  1. fwkrtj Says:

    Komets vs. Richmond in 2004/05.

    Komets won the game, forget the score though.

    Venedam had four goals to give him a hat trick of hat tricks (3rd staight game with a hatty). Shane Kenny fought Trevor Senn winning two of the three fights.

    Best game, I’ve ever seen (that the Komets won, anyway).

  2. fwkrtj Says:

    I’m sorry, Senn and Kenny fought three times…and Kenny won two of them.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    my best game i think was duing the playoffs of 73 when fitchner challenged the whole flint team and then beat the snot out of the poor guy who came off the bench! that fired up the team and the crowd and we were unbeataable from then on!

  4. sigep454 Says:

    I am still kicking myself that I missed the Rickmond game from 04/05.

    Most recently the Komets last game of the season @ Kalamazoo to win the Tarry Cup. Half of Wings Stadium were Komet fans, Very Loud. I will never forget the team’s celebration as they came off the ice.

    Best playoff series is the Rockford playoff series from 2005. Very memorable 7 game series.

  5. bsebring Says:

    These are from Komets statitician Don Detter:

    1) The four overtime playoff game against the St Paul Saints in 1959. There was so much at stake and the 3rd period and the overtimes were really exciting. Every minute became more and more suspenseful but the players never seamed to tire. I was setting rinkside behind the goalie in the corner. There was a screen, not glass, so you could hear and see the players. Even though we lost, that was the best team we ever had until the 1990’s and this year.

    2) The playoff game in Muskegon that we won after being behind 6 to 1 early in the 3rd period. I cannot remember what year that was but the ending of that game was unbelievable. I went to the game with my mom and dad and what a drive home! None of us got sleepy as we relived the game over and over on the way home.

    3) This is not about one specific game but the whole series. It was the playoff series between the Komets and Indianapolis in 1991. That playoff series was the most intense and physical series I have ever witnessed. If you ask any of the players, they will tell you that that series was the most physical series they ever played in. When Kevin Kaminski feels that way, that should say it all. But the 7th game of that series was, again, unbelievable. It was a culmination of the whole series, very physical, very intense, and when we won it in overtime, all of us form Fort Wayne could hardly talk as we were hoarse from yelling the whole game.

    4) Again, this is the whole final playoff series in 1993 against the San Diego team. They were probably as good as a couple of NHL teams. I did not see them play in San Diego, but the final two games here were as perfectly played as a team as you could expect. Our talent was not close to San Diego’s but we were a better team. Every player knew his job and executed it to perfection. (The coach, Al Sims) With the anticipation of beating San Diego and watching the team execute the game plan, it was beautiful to watch. The way the Komets played made the games so very exciting to watch.

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