It’s officially Muskegon

April 11, 2008

What do you think about facing the Fury in the first round?



9 Responses to “It’s officially Muskegon”

  1. charliecrawford Says:

    I think any team that we face will be tough, and can give the Komets fits. Kind of stinks as far as going up there for a road playoff game, and dealing with their fans. I was really hoping for K-zoo, but oh well. Do they still call Musky “Title Town?”

    I will say the Komets win in 6, but that could change depending on who the two are that we cut.

  2. canuck1 Says:

    If I recall correctly, the Komets have been better this year against Muskegon.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    its the playoffs and any team can become dominate.

  4. andydunn Says:

    Blake, where was saidachev tonight? Did he get hurt?

  5. charliecrawford Says:

    That true Chuckitt, very true.

  6. charliecrawford Says:

    Should have been, That’s true Chuckitt, very true.

  7. bsebring Says:

    All I know is he was played on IR.

  8. chuckitt Says:

    why isnt legault playing? didnt see him on ir?

  9. bsebring Says:

    He’s had a bad hand from a fight, but he played last night.

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