Tentative playoff schedule

April 13, 2008

It’s waiting for approval from Muskegon, but the first three dates are solid.

Game 1: Friday, April 18 in Fort Wayne

Game 2: Saturday, April 19 in Muskegon

Game 3: Sunday, April 20 in Fort Wayne

Game 4: Wednesday, April 23 in Muskegon

Game 5: Friday, April 25 in Fort Wayne

Game 6: Saturday, April 26 in Muskegon

Game 7: Tuesday, April 29 in Fort Wayne


11 Responses to “Tentative playoff schedule”

  1. toeblake Says:

    Why not just play games 1 & 2 Friday and Sunday in Ft. Wayne with games 3 & 4 Wed. and Friday in Muskegon? Game 5 on Saturday in Ft. Wayne, Game 6 Sunday in Muskegon, and Game 7 Tues OR Wed in Fort Wayne. I don’t think how the schedule is now is very favorable for the K’s with a chance to get up 2-0 on home ice

  2. katieuwo Says:

    hey blake, i think your dates are off. the 20th is a sunday…

  3. bsebring Says:

    They are fixed now. Thanks.

  4. bsebring Says:

    Toe, the answer is indoor football in Muskegon on that Friday.

  5. toeblake Says:

    Well I am sure it is impossible to protect dates, but you would think that these clubs would have priority over indoor football. You would think the K’s ecspecially would be able to protect those dates from being used by the freedom since that club was not even a sure think to play this year until late.

  6. chuckitt Says:

    your comment shows you dont know too much about venues. hockey might be more fun than football but when you are scheduled you dont give it up for something else. both cities are having problems but thats the way playoffs usually go.

  7. bsebring Says:

    Ks can’t protect anything. It’s totally up to the buildings, and they have to try to make everybody happy. Komets have first pick during the regular season because of seniority, not during the playoffs. Everybody wants weekend dates, for obvious reasons.

  8. intheblue Says:

    I noticed Guy didn’t want anything to do with touching the Huber last night. I guess he earned his lesson from the last time he had the chance to touch the trophy before the playoffs begin.

    I was disappointed the crowd didn’t give a standing ovation at the end of the game. The streak may have ended but the boys did a great job all season long.

  9. chuckitt Says:

    they got one at our end of the ice!

  10. intheblue Says:

    I’m glad Chuckitt. It was kind of quiet around us (in the 600’s) and I thought that was kind of sad.

  11. fiveminutemajor Says:

    The K’s got a pretty good ovation from our section, which was nice to see. I wondered if Guy touched the Huber Cup, I was too busy trying to take a picture while being jostled by the cute yet hyperactive kid next to me to notice if he did or not.

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