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Bootland’s the boss

May 29, 2008

I bet this means Greg Puhalksi will get Bloomington.

The Kalamazoo Wings, proud member of the International Hockey League, announce the hiring of Nick Bootland, as the franchise’s Director of Hockey Operations and Head Coach. Per club policy, the terms of the contract will be undisclosed.

Unveiled during a press conference this afternoon, Bootland becomes the 20th Head Coach, not including interim coaches,

“Priding ourselves on the ability to promote within, Nick, who is a proven leader on and off the ice, lead us to a championship as a player and we feel he will do the same as our Head Coach,” said General Manager Wade Welsh. “We (K-Wings) wanted someone that not only knows what it takes to win in this league, but what it knows what means to be a member of the K-Wings.”

Perhaps the greatest captain in K-Wings’ history, Bootland has played the past four seasons in Kalamazoo. The team captain for the past three seasons, Bootland wasn’t only a vocal leader, but he led by example.

By wearing the “C” for the past three seasons, Bootland joined Ron Wilson, Scott Robinson and Derrick Smith as the only member of the K-Wings to earn the honor in three straight seasons.


Not much going on

May 27, 2008

I just talked to David Franke and he said he’s continuing to have post-season meetings with the players and he’s meeting with Al Sims tomorrow as they start game-planning how they want to put next year’s team together. Franke and Sims both said they’d be happy if they got 8-to-12 players back next year. They’d prefer to have more than that, but they know it’s unlikely. Some players will move up, some will try to go to Europe and some will possibly retire – though they both said no one has indicated that as of yet.

Franke said as far as he knows he believes Colin Chaulk, Guy Dupius, Konstantin Shafranov, Kevin Bertram, Brandon Warner, David Hukalo, P.C. Drouin, Kevin Hansen, Kevin Reiter and Nick Boucher are expected to remain in town throughout the summer. The Komets are hoping to have a big presence at the Three Rivers Festival. Brent Henley is still in town recovering from having his knee cleaned out, but he’s heading home on Friday. Henley told Franke his knee feels great so far.

The IHL meetings will be June 22-25 in Las Vegas. No, darnit, The News-Sentinel will not send me to the meetings. I even offered to split my winnings with the paper.

Where does Game 7 rank?

May 23, 2008

Among your all-time favorite Komets games?

Some others to consider: G7 91 vs. Indy; G4 91 vs. Peoria; G3 93 vs. San Diego; G2 93 vs. Atlanta, on the road; 96 (I think) vs. San Antonio with Bezeau and Racine; Tony Horacek We’re No. 1; Fletcher scores in the shootout vs. Chicago; Fletch returns; G5 2003 vs. QC; Ramsay scores in OT vs. QC 2000; 4 OTer vs. St. Paul 1960; Fitchner takes on Flint.

Help me out here, Chuckitt, which ones am I missing?

He’s no Johnny come lately

May 22, 2008

A story on John Anderson’s NHL head coaching chances.

So who’s going to win?

May 19, 2008

Red Wings or Penguins?

How many games?


Look who showed up to visit

May 19, 2008

Click on the journal for more.

 Keep those prayers coming!

This is the article we’re talking about

May 17, 2008



Hey Jerad

May 17, 2008

Send me an email with your phone number. I might be going through Warsaw next weekend.

Today’s package of stories

May 16, 2008

What was it like during the overtime intermissions? One.

Highlights for each player. Two.

David Franke’s gambles paid off this year. Three.

Where are the naysayers now? Four.

Can they repeat? Five.

And I think there’s even more coming tomorrow. 

You gotta check this out

May 15, 2008

It’s Justin Hodgman’s goal from photos by Chad Ryan. Chad is fairly talented, eh?