First period, Game 1

May 2, 2008

Port Huron is up 2-1 on a short-handed goal and a 5 on 3 power play. Komets have looked very sloppy, in part because the ice surface is horrible. The puck is bouncing and rolling all over the place, as bad as it’s been all season. That’s what happens when it’s 75 and sunny yesterday and 65 and very, very humid today. There was fog on the ice in pregame. The defenseman couldn’t pinch at the point because the pucks were rolling right over them.

Komets played terrible, and the IceHawks were great. Komets could not get through the neutral zone to save their lives, and they didn’t start hitting until there was about five minutes left in the period.

The crowd is unbelievably loud, as loud as it has been all year as well. It’s been interesting to watch Mitch Woods and Donnie Margettie work as they talk to anyone and everyone.


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