What Shafranov and Curadeau said

May 3, 2008

Shafranov: “It was in. It was a goal. The puck was in the net, right in the middle of the top shelf. It hit the back post and came out. We need some video cams behind the net like is usual everywhere. Why not in this league? In the regular season it is OK because I know we have too many games, but this is the finals and you need to be sure 100 percent if it’s a goal or not goal. We lost two goals tonight. I understand maybe that ref didn’t see puck, but everybody saw the puck was in the net.”

Curadeau: “I was right there behind the net. I was the one who passed the puck to Shaffy. It was right in the middle. There was no discussion, the puck was in. Just by the sound you could tell. It hit the middle pad at the top back of the net. I was right there and I saw the whole thing.” 


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