How confident are you about Game 6?

May 9, 2008

So what do you think? Are you just happy they didn’t lose it at home? Have you cleared your schedule for Monday night?


6 Responses to “How confident are you about Game 6?”

  1. mark21 Says:

    My schedule is wide open. My 1st wedding anniversary is Monday, I told the wife, if the Komets win we are going to be there. Probably gonna get it annouced since I have connections.

    LETS GO KOMETS Bring this back to Fort Wayne, I wanna celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary watching the Komets win the CUP..

    one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time


  2. intheblue Says:

    It’s a two game series, one of them on our home ice. Advantage Komets.

    Port Huron lost 16 times at home in the regular season, barely playing .500 hockey at McMorran. The short ice isn’t the big advantage I keep hearing about. We’re due. Advantage Komets.

    Port Huron is hearing the footsteps. The pressure shifted to them when it got to 3-1. They’re feeling it. Advantage Komets.

    Our boys will Play With Passion. Advantage Komets.

    L-a-r-r-y has given up a soft one each of the last two times in Fort Wayne. He got hurt with the puck. He’s wondering if the crowd is starting to get to him. His time is over. Advantange Komets.

    We’ll be getting our tickets as soon as they are available, and we’ve already cleared our schedule for Monday. Win Komets.

  3. sigep454 Says:

    I have a work trip next week. I moved my stops around so I could drive home Monday afternoon and then catch-up Tuesday morning. And I did that BEFORE we won game 5….

  4. junior78 Says:

    I watched both games in PH on the B2 and I’m nervous about tomorrow nights game.

    I think the K’s better show up, and be ready for a war if they want to win.

    But yeah, I’m REALLY hoping they come back for Monday. After leaving the MC on Thursday, it didn’t “feel” like the last game of the season.

  5. kometforlife71 Says:

    It took the third trip to Walker to get that win, the same will happen here. The only difference is we will have to play one more. PH surprised us in game 1, but that won’t happen again. Nobody is gonna steal our cup! I haven’t missed a home game yet this season, and I sure ain’t starting now!

  6. komets91 Says:

    Extremely confident that the Komets will be back here for Game 7 and win the Turner Cup!

    We have a great bunch of guys and a fantastic team that has done wonderful things all year long and they got a couple more big wins in them!

    Just like our team, the fans need to really rally around them especially in this time of adversity. Coming down from 3 games to 1 shows the true character.

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