So who’s going to the party?

May 13, 2008

I’m betting Hodgman and Curadeau’s jerseys, and maybe Woods and Aquino go the highest.


6 Responses to “So who’s going to the party?”

  1. rnbrown Says:

    The wife is going to go with some friends, I’m stuck having to work from 5pm to 12am. No one is able or willing to trade shifts with me either.

    At least I got to five of the seven games played in the Finals….considering the really lousy hours and schedule I have.

    Congratulations and Thanks to the entire team for a great season and never giving up. It was fun.

    Blake, thanks for all of the informative and entertaining stories that you have written covering the team. I always look forward to your stories.

  2. burgee Says:

    i’m goin

  3. teresa215 Says:

    I’ll be at the party to get my picture with the Cup.

    Good choices on your jersey selections, Blake. However, I think Chaulker’s should be on your list. (But if he’s not then I might possibly be able to afford it – Hum! On second thought, get him off the list!)

    Boucher and Reiter’s will probably go high too along with Shaf’s.

  4. chuckitt Says:

    gotta work!

  5. burgee Says:

    Legault created a fan following this year, he may be top 5. At any rate i expect a premium since we won the cup, nothing under $500 i’m thinking, i’ve only been to a few auctions though so i’m speculating.

  6. charliecrawford Says:

    Have to work till 9pm. At least I was able to make most of the games.

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