Fun with the Turner Cup

May 14, 2008

With help from some of the bloggers!


6 Responses to “Fun with the Turner Cup”

  1. bsebring Says:

    It’s a long-time hockey tradition that each player on a championship hockey team gets to take the cup for a day to celebrate, share with friends, take part in a hometown parade, etc. Because so many odd things have happened to cups over the years — and it usually ends up in pieces — many hockey leagues are phasing out the tradition, but it’s still something players dream about.

    So the question is, as an average fan what would you do if you had the Turner Cup for a day?While you are thinking of your ideas, with help from the bloggers at, here are a few to get you started:

    * I’d invite all the former Komets who won the cup to lunch just to hear their stories.

    * You could eat popcorn out of it while watching “Miracle,’’ or “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

    * Fill it with water and freeze it so you could play finger hockey.

    * Fill it with jelly beans and take it to the hospitals to cheer up the kids. Then do the same for the adults.

    * Take it to a photo machine that sells five for a dollar and get your picture taken with your arm around the cup.

    * Give Icy a birdbath. Whew, does that bird stink!

    * Take it to McMillen Park Ice Arena, and stand back to watch the smiles on all the kids’ faces.

    * Put it in the Memorial Coliseum rotunda so everyone could have their pictures taken with it. With 6-7 Brent Henley and 6-5 Olivier Legault standing guard, I’d double dog dare you to try something.

    * Compare which is shinier, the cup or my head.

    * Strap it to the back of your motorcycle for a trip through town, or better yet, buy a sidecar for the cup.

    * Take it to a silversmith and find out exactly what it is worth.

    * Serve punch out of it at a wedding, or maybe have a baptism.

    * Stay away from Reigel’s with it.

    * Watch your sons play kitchen hockey and then let them act like they won the cup.

    * Play hide and seek with it at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

    * Attempt to make the worlds largest carmel apple martini; shaken, not stirred.

    * Go to a baseball game with one seat reserved for your new best friend.

    * The best one: Try not to break it!

  2. me78 Says:

    I’d take it to the Sosenhiemer boy in Chicago…..

  3. bsebring Says:

    There you go! Matt Reynolds called him last night.

  4. rnbrown Says:

    In 2003 I got to take the Colonial Cup to work and it occupied part of my cubicle at the place I worked at back then. (It is a company that is a major corporate sponsor of the team)

    If I could have the Turner Cup for a day, I might wish to have it on display during my upcoming Housewarming party we’ll be hosting soon, so my out of town family members and friends could see it. A lot of them are hockey fans and would enjoy getting to see it.

  5. thesosenheimerboys Says:

    Thank you too Me78 for the comment, I think Kedrick would be in shock if that would happen. To Blake, we think you had a hand in Matt calling, thank you so much for your help! It meant so much for him and us! We think Matt is coming for a visit this weekend here at the hospital. We will keep you up to date if we spot the cup!

  6. bsebring Says:

    I just knew that was something Matt would want to do as soon as I heard the story from Jennifer. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Matt would come visit. That’s just the kind of man he is.

    You are all in our prayers.

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