So who’s going to win?

May 19, 2008

Red Wings or Penguins?

How many games?



9 Responses to “So who’s going to win?”

  1. chuckitt Says:

    red wing in six pitts is too young and wont be able to handle the pressure. i think chelios has more playoff games than the whole pens team!!

  2. rnbrown Says:

    The Pens youth vs. the Red Wings experience….I think this will be one of the best Stanley Cup Finals in a long time.

    Red Wings in 7 games.

  3. rnbrown Says:

    Oops….you asked why….Detroit will have home ice advantage, will take advantage of any mistake by the Pens and turn it into a goal.

    Wings will also be all over Crosby and Co.

  4. sigep454 Says:

    This is a tough one for me to call. I am a Rangers fan so I don’t like the Pens. However I HATE the Wings. I will admit I have watched more Pens games than Wings games…..

    Pittsburgh in 6 games. Both teams will split the first 4 games, one home and road each. Game 5 will be at least one overtime with Malkin getting the winner. The energy of the Pens will shine in a game 6 victory on home ice. The young Pens will last longer than the older Wings.

  5. fiveminutemajor Says:

    Go Pens! Pittsburgh in seven, I think their youth will be to their advantage… some of those Red Wings guys are fossils! That and I can’t stand the Wings either, I have an obnoxious co-worker who is a huge Wings fan so I gotta go with Pittsburgh just to annoy him!

  6. bertramfan22 Says:

    Wings will win in five!-
    McCarty and or Dallas Drake will be all over Malkin and Crosby not to mention that Kronwall will be knocking some heads too.
    Osgood has been there before and Fleury might be overwhelmed when he sees Daatsyuk and Zetterberg coming at him every other shift or two!!!!
    I will say that Pittsburgh will definitely be the favorite next year!

  7. bsebring Says:

    I guess I’m one of those folks who believe you have to lose first before you can win. Red Wings better get it done this year because the Penguins are about to go on a long roll. Wings in 6.

  8. chuckitt Says:

    yeh, but its professional sports. as soon as the pensd win their first stanley, players will bolt for the almightty dollar and the team will only be a shell of itself!

  9. dschebig Says:

    I’ll take the Red Wings in six games. Just to much experience for the young Pittsburg team. While the older ages of the Detroit team could catch up with them. I don’t believe it will happen just yet. I don’t know how many fingers Chris Chelios has left for rings. McCarty sure looks better now than he did playing for Flint.

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