Rob Guinn has died

July 13, 2008

Former Komets defenseman Rob Guinn, 32, was killed near Jefferson, Iowa, at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, when a driver ran a stop sign and hit Guinn’s Kia Sportage in the side, flipping the car onto the drivers side.

Guinn, who is survived by his wife Brooke and daughter Olivia, 5 months, was pronounced dead at Greene County Hospital.

I’ll just say I always had a tremendous amount of respect for Rob, especially the way he played through some severe shoulder injuries. I’m not sure I’ve seen a player who put himself through more to get ready to play every night. There were guys who went through more on specific nights, but he did it for every game and he never said a word

I remember eating lunch with him one day, and his shoulders were so bad he had trouble picking up his sandwich. I always wondered how that would affect him in 10, 20 years, but he saw it as a badge of honor to dress for every game

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6 Responses to “Rob Guinn has died”

  1. paigey24 Says:

    My family became season ticket holders because of Rob and have Brooke and Olivia in our prayers. Our 8 year old daughter was the biggest Rob Guinn fan in the world and this guy treated her like his own kid. After every single game she would would run up to him and he would lift her up and ask her how he did (bad shoulders and all). He came to her house on her birthday and was willing to play anything with her she wanted. And when he went away to play she would watch his games and try to catch up with him every chance she got. When he came back to the IHL he looked for her in the stands and winked like he always would, she waited at the visitors locker room to see him and hear about his new baby girl. He was a dedicated hockey player, family man and most of all he was our friend. We read all the blogs bashing him and heard the boos in the stands and still to this day have no idea who those so called fans think they are because he gave 200% for every game he played. So when you see the girl wearing her Rob Guinn jersey on opening night for the last time take a moment to say a prayer for his family. God bless you Rob we know you will be up there in heaven when the rest of us get there.

  2. bsebring Says:

    One of the things I really respected about Rob was that after a loss he never ducked anything. He might have played a great game, but if the Komets lost that was all that mattered. If he stunk, or the team stunk, he’d say so. Goody is the same way. In fact, we used to joke that after a loss I had to force myself to NOT talk to those two all the time because they were so good about it. That’s why it was so cool that they combined for that goal in 2005.

    I just can’t stop thinking about this one. Rob was that great of a guy, and I wasn’t a tenth as close to him as his teammates were. David Franke always says once a Komet always a Komet and the way this news has reverberated around the team really proves it. The phone lines were burning up all across the country last night. Nobody wanted to believe it. They shouldn’t have to.

  3. brn11290 Says:

    he was a good player!! i will miss guinn a whole lot!! ! u will be missed alot guinn!! love ya guinn!! rest in peace!!!

  4. rnbrown Says:

    Kathleen and I are very sad to hear about this. Rob was such a class act….both on and off the ice.

    I always had a lot of respect for the way that he would play the game, despite often being in a lot of pain, but never made excuses if he had a bad game.

    Our prayers to Brooke and Olivia.

    Blake, could you let us know where we could send a card or a memorial, please? Thanks.

  5. charliecrawford Says:

    I to am sadden by this news. Rob was always a nice guy, and willing to talk no matter where I would see him at in public. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  6. burgee Says:

    Very sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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