Something fun

July 17, 2008
Which I think we could all use after this week. This is a tin man that long-time Komets fan Jerry Long sent me. It (we need a name for it) stands about two feet tall, and the cool thing is, Jerry and I have come up with a plan to auction off a couple of them for the Rob Guinn Memorial Fund with the help of the Komets and Komet Kuarters. I’ll let you more details as soon as I can. Jerry is building them at his home in Texas right now. Anybody got any ideas on a name? You can also click on it for a larger picture.

4 Responses to “Something fun”

  1. rnbrown Says:

    That’s a great idea, Blake.

    Just don’t let Icy D. Eagle get near it……I can envision the intermission antics w/ Icy and your new friend already! LOL

  2. dschebig Says:

    I think I have the “Perfect” name. How about the The Komet
    “K-man” as in Kanman. Since we have spelled comet wrong for years (like forever). What is wrong with spelling canman with a “K”? I like it anyway. Great idea for a fund raiser and you couldn’t pick a better cause.

  3. bsebring Says:

    Oooooh, I like it! Anybody else got any suggestions?

  4. fiveminutemajor Says:

    That is really cute- I want one! It would look awesome in my office… I like the Kanman name too!

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