This is from Kevin Reiter

July 31, 2008

I signed last night with Bouch’s old team the Basingstoke Bisons in the Elite league. I’ve always wanted to play in Europe and when this option became available I had to take it. I’ve been talking with Ryan Aldridge, coach, a lot lately and I liked what he had to say about the opportunity with his team. I am very excited for the opportunity, but now the summer just got shorter by more than a month. Talking with Bouch, he had good things to say about the Elite league, the town of Basingstoke, and the Bison fans. Basingstoke is close to London and it will be nice to take day trips there when the team has off days. It will be an easier transition compared to some of the other countries I received offers from. Being an English speaking country was a big part of my decision along with the local university offering a one year full time MBA program. I won’t be out of my comfort level too far and I hope that I can give the Bisons a chance to win night in and night out like I did this past year for the Komets. I would like to thank the Komet organization, Al Sims, and the fans for the opportunity to play here, an unbelievable year and lots of memories.


4 Responses to “This is from Kevin Reiter”

  1. dschebig Says:

    Best wishes to you Kevin. You will be a “Bloody Good” goaltender. Komet Fans will follow your year very closely. You were a “Great” Komet. We will remember you and your abilities for a long time. It was a pleasure watching you. Good Luck!

  2. rnbrown Says:


    Kathleen and I want to thank you for being a big part of a very special season in ’07-’08.

    Best of luck in England this season. It is a beautiful country with a lot of history. Have fun and make sure that you try the Earl Grey during afternoon tea time.

  3. komet2turnercup Says:


    I want to wish you all the luck in the world by accomplishing your dream in playing for England.

    You were such a terrific person on and off the ice. I will always remember you giving me a paper of your sister’s website. You always took time to talk with me about that. I sent several emails to her website about “Reiter”. The greatest thing I remember is when the party was at the coliseum and I went over to you and asked where your sister was. You took your time and pointed where she was at so I could introduce myself to her and your little niece.

    Again, thanks for the great year we had by winning the turner cup. Keep in touch with us. Also, check your sisters website I will be writing to “Reiter”

  4. goaliesdad Says:

    Best of luck to you. My son Daniel really enjoyed your instruction in Eagle River, Alaska this past summer. We hope to see you here next year. If there is a way to keep up with you please let us know. Again Thanks for this past summer and GOOD LUCK.

    Sam, Andee, and Daniel Langdon

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