Another update

August 6, 2008

I asked Komets General Manager David Franke about the status of other negotiations and this is what he had to say:

Luciano Aquino: There’s nothing new. I think there’s a good chance he’s going to get an opportunity to make Norfolk of the AHL.

Mathieu Curadeau: We’re working on a possible two-way with a couple of AHL teams for him.

Jake Pence: We expect to hear from Jake soon. He was looking at possibly going to Europe. If he’s available, we’ll probably try to re-sign him.

Brent Henley: He’s still looking to see if he can hook up with an AHL team. I think he’s leaning toward coming back but it may be mid- to late-August before we get a commitment out of him.

Olivier Legault: He’s going to the L.A. Kings rookie camp, but I think if he doesn’t play in the AHL he’ll come back to Fort Wayne. Thats’ what we’re hearing from him and his agent.

Terry Marchant: We’re not going to bring Terry back.

Evgeny Saidachev: He’s going to play with Bossier-Shreveport in the CHL.

Goaltender: Looking at a rookie or a tweener, not a veteran because they want to save those two remaining veteran spots for skaters.


2 Responses to “Another update”

  1. dschebig Says:

    Blake, Thanks for the latest and “Greatest” update.
    How is your Father getting along?
    I am sure these young guys will make great Komets. Al Sims and David have ways of find good young players. I am ready for the season to begin. GO KOMETS!

  2. charliecrawford Says:

    Thanks for the updates Blake. I wonder if Marchant is going to retire, or catch on with anouther team? Thanks again!

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