Fun with Bob

August 21, 2008

Bob Chase is home from his knee replacement surgery and he’s just beginning his rehabilitation so I have a captive audience as we try to finish his book, “Live from Radiorinkside: The Bob Chase Story.” Besides talking about the Olympics, which we both are addicted to, we spent this afternoon talking about interesting categories such as best talkers, best fighters, best slap shots, quickest releases, fastest skaters, funniest players, best Russians, best rivalries…. this a whole list of things that Bob is going to list his favorite 5-to-10 players in each category. We even had best one-year Komets and things like that. Sometimes I feel like I’m his analyst as I try to probe deep into his memory. Bwa, ha, ha! Pins and needles work really well sometimes.

It’s been a lot of fun, and hopefully the book will finally be out around Christmas. That’s the goal, at least.

Is anybody else as addicted to the Olympics as we are? I love that NBC is actually showing the actual events this time instead of trying to turn everything into a soap opera.


3 Responses to “Fun with Bob”

  1. junior78 Says:

    Curious to know who the best team is?? 1974? 1993?

    Spose I have to buy the book.

  2. bsebring Says:

    C’mon, that’s easy. 2008. LOL.

  3. dschebig Says:

    Give our best to Bob & Merf. I am sure there are lots of people I am speaking fore. They are super people! I would amagine trying to put on paper all of the things that Bob has tucked away in his brain is a interesting task. I know you are up to it as long as the recorder don’t let you down. I also know that his/your book will be one of those I must have.

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