PSA for McMillen leagues starting

September 2, 2008

Open Hockey (formerly Stick and Puck) has begun once again in earnest:

Tuesdays and Fridays and 9-11am.

Barrel Hockey is now year round: Friday Night 915-11pm.

The only difference between BH and OH is structure BH games are played to five. Guys do not chase pucks when offsides or it is iced. Otherwise, it is pick up hockey.

Please come out and have fun. I look forward to seeing you around the rink soon. Thanks.

League Start soon. Sunday night MAC Adult League play will begin o September 28. All paperwork is to be in by September 9, with the draft taking place on the 18th. Evaluation skates, for those looking to change divisions, or get in where they were not previously, is the 17th, 6-7:30pm.

Crossroads will be forming soon. This is comprised of pre-formed teams. Game times are Tuesday and Thursday nights, usually 9:30-9:45pm starts.

Please call with any questions or issues. Thanks.
Wade Stuckey
Ice Hockey Program Coordinator
McMillen Ice Arena
3901 Abbott Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
(260) 427-6765


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