What do you think?

October 8, 2008

Who impressed you from tonight’s exhibition game? What did you like, what did you not like?

I thought the game was actually pretty boring.


4 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. sigep454 Says:

    Is there a new rule about not removing your helmets before a fight? I hope Mironovic learned his lesson about fighting with your visor on. I agree with Blake, the game was sloppy and boring. Being that some of these people just met each other 3 days ago that can be expected. Here are my 2 cents on a few players:

    MacMillian – Good effort, like his physical nature, should be a crowd favorite

    Pence – Very good game out of Jake tonight

    Potts – was out of position a few times, he did not stand out much for me

    Sinewitz – nice goal, he has some good speed, nice game tonight

    Gravelle – I liked his energy on the ice, was not affriad to lay a hit on people, not too good on the faceoffs

    Bertram/Legault/Hukalo – good to see them play again

    Chromy – did not like him at all, not physical presence, may not be on the team come tomorrow morning

    Boulay/Varone/Matheson/Gravelle – decent games, want to see more

    Roy/Shirley/Tarantino/Bergeron – they were on the ice?

    Goaltenders looked okay, did not have to do much

  2. charliecrawford Says:

    I enjoyed the game, but that might just be because I was starting to have withdrawl. I really liked the new scoreboard.

    MacMillan was fun to watch tonight, and I can see him quickly turning into a crowd favorite.

    The goalies did good, but were never really challenged with any real tough shots.

    I also liked Varone, Roy, Gravelle, Sinewitz, and Bergeron. They stood out to me, in a good way.

    Chromy was not that good at all. But I did have high hopes for a guy his size. He seemed to have no real physical presence.

    Pence looked good tonight, in mid season form.

    Thats who stood out to me tonight.

    I thought it was also strange that they did not remove their helmets to fight.

    Danko did not look to good in his fight, to put it nicely.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  3. charliecrawford Says:

    One more thing,

    I could have sworn that I saw Aquino at the game tonight sitting by P.C. and Warner in the stands. Anyone else see him??

  4. brandonmills Says:

    You were not wrong I saw him as well. Not sure why he was here or his status? Blake have you heard anything about this??

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