I talked to Luch

October 9, 2008

He’s in town visiting his girlfriend. The Komets and he are talking, but neither side thinks it’s going to result in much, mostly because they think he’s got other opportunities. Both sides said they are not opposed to him returnng, but he’s waiting for an official offer from an AHL team, and is expecting to head home to Mississaugua either Friday or Saturday.

Komets General Manager David Franke also said the team won’t be making any cuts until Sunday or Monday. They want to give everybody at least two games to show what they can do.


4 Responses to “I talked to Luch”

  1. andydunn Says:

    Well with the talk of getting Luch back and curadue is back, the questions is can we get hodgman back before the playoffs? 🙂

  2. bsebring Says:

    Luch is not coming back, but now you’re just getting greedy. LOL. Plus, there’d be no way to fit everybody under the salary cap. From the way I’m reading the rules, there are no amateur picks this year so they’d have to fit under the cap.

  3. dschebig Says:

    I have followed Jason Baird’s (Youngstown & recently Muskegon) condition and reports every since his very bad accident. I am sure all of the hockey world wishes him nothing but good luck. He has been released from Children’s Hospital Burn Unit today and is finally going home. I know his wife and children will be very happy to have him there. All Komet Hockey fans would never want any hockey player from any team to go through what he has endured. He still has lots of visits to work on stretching his skin graphs. But, like any hockey player, hard work is in the genes.

  4. bsebring Says:

    That’s wonderful news. There was a charity game played for Jason I believe a week ago in Indianapolis. I hear former Komet Keith Miller was one of the stars of the game.

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