Still haven’t heard

October 9, 2008

Who did you guys like last night? You can’t tell me you didn’t notice Maxime Gravelle. What did you think of the scoreboard?


4 Responses to “Still haven’t heard”

  1. dschebig Says:

    I liked MacMillan alot and think he will be a big fan favorite. I believe he will make the fans say “Woods who?” Both Goaltenders looked great, I saw a lot of speed out of the young guys. Hukalo, Pence & Bertram looked like they were in midseason form. The little guy (I am sorry his names fails me) can fly. He handles the puck well and showed a lot of grit. I am very thankful that I don’t have to make the decisions on who goes and who stays. I just need to learn all of their names and I will. I have J. P. Roy down pat. I thanked him for using the shortened version.

  2. dschebig Says:

    Sorry, the scoarboard is top shelf. the TV part really looks great. It is nice and bright. They just need to not run replays while the game is going on. wait for a stopage of play. I just don’t have time to watch it and write at the same time. Also, the Coliseum needs to leave it on when the game is over a few minutes longer. We need to get final numbers off of it for our sheets. There is really a lot of things to do after the game is over to finish up score sheets. It went down very quickly last night.

  3. chuckitt Says:

    big guy chromry wont be here long. no one other than he and legault lookedout of place. potts looked like he could play in this league, scoreboard is big and bright and i hope its not too much i was hoping for a presentation of the players names but maybe thats comming down the road. rookies really did well for themselves. thought mironovic would be a fighter but at least he didnt back down!

  4. burgee Says:

    scoreboard is cool.

    glad sinewitz scored, heard a lot of good things about him.

    Mac fills the role well.

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