Thank goodness the exhibition season will be over soon

October 11, 2008

Not a ton of life to this game so far. It’s 1-1 after two periods. The Komets hvae had the better chances for the most part. Jason Beckett is playing his first preseason game because of sore knees and looks solid if a little rusty. You can tell he knows what he’s doing out there. Rick Varone continues to impress with his hustle and nose for the puck. Plus, he hits. Most of the veterans are using this game to get in shape so there’s not a lot of hitting or intensity. The Komets had a line of P.C. Drouin, Mathieu Curadeau and Konstantin Shafranov on the ice for a while during the second period, and they were scary good for about 45 seconds. They could just about do whatever they wanted out there. Brian Boulay has also impressed me tonight.

The scoreboard continues to impress, but do we really have to watch commericals at the game, too? That’s going to get old real quick on a scoreboard that is absolutely covered by ads anyway. I hate watching commericals at the movies, and I hate having to watch them at games, too. I know, I’m old.


12 Responses to “Thank goodness the exhibition season will be over soon”

  1. charliecrawford Says:

    I didn’t like watching the commercials on wednesday night either blake. It got old real quick. I get it Reba and Kelly are coming to town! How are the goalies looking tonight?

  2. dschebig Says:

    Both goaltenders looked real good. I am still impressed with Macmillan, The guy he had the fight with was a lot bigger and never returned after the haymakers Mac put on him. They changed the unassisted goal from Warner to Shafranov. Kazoo actually put it in the net. The ref gave it as Warner so we have to look at the video after the game to get it right. I think the ref and the loan lineman did a pretty good job for only two guys. The veterans look like they are ready to get it on (the season).

  3. charliecrawford Says:

    Thanks for the update dschebig. I just saw the highlights on 15, and that was one heck of a fight. Talk about trading blows! I am ready for opening night!

  4. rnbrown Says:

    We had a prior commitment, thus unable to attend tonight. I heard that Jason Tapp blew a gasket after the third goal and tossed the puck into the stands, injuring a spectator. Any word if Tapp is going to be penalized for his actions?

    While I like the new scoreboard (was there Wednesday!) it did seem a bit busy with the ads and switching back and forth from live action to replays. It will just take awhile to get used to it. But it did kind of give the feeling like I was watching a NHL game the other night.

    MacMillan has impressed me also…..could someone please tell me what magic potion Shafranov is taking? I want some for myself.

  5. junior78 Says:

    You’re DEAD ON about the scoreboard Blake. It is absolutely ridiculous. They have ads on EVERYTHING, almost to the point, where it takes away the actual purpose of the thing, the video.

    You have to draw the line somewhere don’t you? If you limit the space for ads, won’t demand and thus price for those spaces go up? It seems to me that they should cap it at some point. It is really bad IMO.

  6. kometfan4841 Says:

    1) The old scoreboard had ads on it all the time as well – just no sound
    2)Real-life, shiny, big boy scoreboards don’t come in CrackerJack boxes – the ads pay for them. Would you really rather go back to the old one? I wouldn’t.

  7. bsebring Says:

    By why does every square available inch of absolutely everything have to be covered by advertising? The heck with that! You can’t even read parts of the scoreboard because the lights are so screwed up with the ads. I guess we’ll never reach the point when enough is enough. That scoreboard is ridiculously covered with ads. Do you realize the advertising must take up what, 65, 75 percent of the scoreboard? Do you realize the Pacers told them to turn half that crap off the other night. I might suddenly become a Pacers fan. It’s absolute overkill.

  8. junior78 Says:

    The ads pay for the scoreboard?? HA!! The food and beverage tax pays for the scoreboard which means WE paid for the scoreboard.

    So, do we get that money back that they make on ads? Or at least cut out the tax? Don’t hold your breath.

    The boards are covered with stuff, the ice doesn’t have an inch of white on it, and now we sit and watch commercials on top of the screen being sponsored by Sprint. OVERKILL, OVERLOAD!

  9. kometfan4841 Says:

    Blake: You could actually make the same point about your newspaper – if you count the classifieds, I would bet that at least half if not more of the square inches of the NS are covered in ads. I’ll make the point again that the old scoreboard had about the same proportion of ads to scoreboard that this one does – the new one is just shinier. (My only complaint is that the clock is too small) And the fact that the Pacers told them to turn stuff off amuses me no end. I haven’t been to Conseco yet, but other major league venues are even more “offensive” in this regard. Their scoreboards are all heavily laden with ads – and they have lots of other animated signage around the arena as well.

    junior78 – By all means, let’s go back to plain white ice and boards – then FW would have that big sheet of ice we’ve always wanted for all the figure skaters to use, because there wouldn’t be a professional hockey team around to use it.

  10. dschebig Says:

    Question for JR 78:
    If the food and beverage tax paid for the scoreboard than why is the Hockey Club charged to use it every game? It is a pretty hefty fee I think. That is in addition to rent for the building. It would explain why there are adds. I just wonder who gets all the fees collected. Are they paid by the game or by the amount of times they are shown like radio commercials?

  11. sigep454 Says:

    I agree that the ENTIRE coliseum is covered in adds. From the scoreboard, to the ice, to the signs in every section, to every facit associated with the game (ie Comcast Power Play, and General Credit Union penalty kill). I am just waiting until the day that the Jersey’s start looking like Nascar Driver Jackets.

    On a side note, who thinks the scoreboard should say “He Shoots, He Scores!” just after Larry announces the goal?

  12. burgee Says:

    I just made a call to try and secure the toilet and urinal advertising rights, you’ve seen those cars around town that are wrapped in advertising, well i was thinking you could do that to the toilets and urinals. We could have Blakes picture along with some komet stories plastered right there in the urinal. for the toilets i was thinking, Blake Sebring will Bowl you over with his Komet Coverage. we could change them weekly…..Komets flush wings……..Generals don’t float…..Buffalo chips accepted here…….if you can read this you must be an Icehawks fan….

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