Komets cuts

October 12, 2008

The team released Vince Taratino, Ryan Potts, Adam Sinewitz, Kevin Matheson, Adam Shirley, Matthew Chromy, Tim Haun and Roy Stevens this morning. That brings the roster down to 22, and they’ll need to move at least two more players before Friday’s game.


One Response to “Komets cuts”

  1. chuckitt Says:

    i think three guys are very intriging and need to stick around. they are roy, bergeron and granville. two to cut to keep these people around is the tough one. if they let a d man go it would probably be mironovic only cause so far he hasnt used his size to his advantage. the other would unfortunatly be legault. need him around so i dont know which of the intriging guys he can outplay. hard decision to make!!

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