Komets cut two

October 14, 2008

The Komets announced today that forwards J.P. Roy and Samuel Bergeron have been placed on waivers. The Komets’ training camp roster is trimmed to 20 players including 10 forwards, eight defensemen and two goaltenders.


2 Responses to “Komets cut two”

  1. dschebig Says:

    I am sorry to see both of them go. I really liked the hustle of J.P. Roy. Besides he had the easiest name to spell and to fit on the official score sheet. They both can play in this League. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not picked up by Kalamazoo or Flint. They look like they will need some help. I sure am glad I didn’t have to make the call. Al Sims seems to know and gets it right pretty much most of the time. I’ll trust his judgement.

  2. charliecrawford Says:

    I liked both of these guys. I hope this does not come back to haunt us. But I agree with you dschebig, I trust Al as well. I can’t wait for Saturday!!! GO KOMETS!!

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