Some notes

October 15, 2008

* Jake Pence is going on the 30-day injured reserve list with some sore ribs. It’s retroactive to last Saturday. He’ll probably miss the first six games.

* The forward lines look like they are going to be Chaulk, Osman and Shafranov; Curadeau, Drouin and Hukalo and a combination of MacMillan, Legault, Gravelle and Varone. Oh, baby, that’s going to be fun to watch that last one run over people.

* Defensive pairings are up in the air with the exception of Dupuis and Bertram. One of the reasons Al Sims is keeping eight D is because Warner, Pence and Holladay can all play forward.

* The Komets Game of the Week on Comcast Public Access Ch. 55 is coming back with Otto Boschet taking over for Pat Stelte as producer and camera man. The other change is they are moving the time back to 8 p.m. starting next week with the season-opening home game. They aren’t sure yet whether the games will continue to be replayed on Thursday mornings.


2 Responses to “Some notes”

  1. dschebig Says:

    The readers of this “Great” blog may be interested in knowing that Al Sims son Tyler is now playing for the Mississippi in the CHL. Kevin “Killer” Kaminski is the coach. He is their back-up Goaltender. Authur Giaga & Kelly Miller are playing for Greg Pulhalski in Reading of the ECHL.

  2. sigep454 Says:

    For those who are interested Pascal Morency signed a contract with Bridgeport of the AHL last Friday. He joined the team this week after his immigration issues were cleared up.

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