How the lines came together

October 16, 2008

You can read it here.


5 Responses to “How the lines came together”

  1. charliecrawford Says:

    I am confused, which does not take much. But I thought that the league did away with the IR list? If they did how can Jake be on it? I am sure I just misread something.

  2. bsebring Says:

    There’s one IR spot and it’s for 30 days now. There used to be four spots.

  3. charliecrawford Says:

    And another thing, What time does the pregame stuff start? I would guess a little before 7:30, but I could be wrong about that as well. Thanks!

  4. charliecrawford Says:

    Gotcha, and then I would guess that he would not count againts the salary cap then.

  5. charliecrawford Says:

    Sorry should be *against* crazy fingers!

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