Fojtik suspended one game

October 21, 2008

 For his checking from behind major on Komets defenseman Brian Boulay. He’ll miss tomorrow’s game against Port Huron.

Think that’s enough?


2 Responses to “Fojtik suspended one game”

  1. dschebig Says:

    It is not enough for me. But, I am sure Brad Jones took a good look at the video before metering out the one game. Since the guys don’t make NHL wages one game could cost a pretty penny. I know it sends the message they (the IHL) wants the players to hear. I just hope they hear it not just in Flint but all the teams. Sooner or later a player is going to really get seriously hurt. I know all real hockey fans do not want to see that happen.

  2. charliecrawford Says:

    I think it is not enough. But I think that Fojtik is a dirty player anyways. I was thinking that he would have at least been suspended for two games, but what do I know.

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