New video is up

October 29, 2008

You can watch it here, and read today’s story here.


12 Responses to “New video is up”

  1. etomlinson Says:

    Fat Guys on Hockey?! Nice. How do I get in?

    Mishawaka has the population (266,000+ in St. Joe County, 198,000+ in Elkhart County) but no arena. I also don’t know how people here would respond. What about Toledo when the new arena opens?

  2. bsebring Says:

    Are you phat enough?

    Toledo Walleye will join ECHL in 2009.

  3. charliecrawford Says:

    I know that Bob Chase was talking about two teams waiting in the wings for next year. But I really don’t see many places where we could expand. The Chicago team, sure will eventually end up somewhere, but I don’t see much room to grow. Blake, you made mention of a team grumbling in the video, but did not say who?? Can you say, or give a hint?

    I want the league to grow and be successful, but I just don’t see to many spots to actually grow.

  4. jeradshaw Says:

    I really wish you would give more hope to the Indy team coming this way. Even if it is only hope, what a great day it would be to get the ice back @ the MC. Oh the glory days!!! Well, the glory days that I remember as a kid!

  5. bsebring Says:

    Youngstown is still a possibility.

  6. charliecrawford Says:

    I agree Jared, Indy would be great! Those were the days! I figured Youngstown would be out since they kind of looked down on our league.

  7. rnbrown Says:

    If another team was going to join the IHL, I would suspect that a decision would need to be made in the next 2-3 months….by the end of the season for sure to start planning for next year and have enough time to hire an office staff, coach and do everything right.

  8. dschebig Says:

    I heard it from the Commissioner himself. Evansville is building a building and it will be ready for the 09/10 season.The IHL is the only Hockey League they are talking to and working with. Chicago is really trying hard to ready next year. Youngstown is still a possibility for next year. Any new team must fit in the IHL footptrint. You can pretty much rule out Indy and you can thank “R man Mitch” or somebody’s man named “Mitch” for that. I will give Paul Pichard a lot of credit. He knows what it takes to own a team and to run a building. The business plan for any new team must be real strong. He does not want any new team to fold like Columbus did. I think that is why the owners hired him as their top dog.

  9. rnbrown Says:

    Interesting. Did Mr. Pickard tell you how big their new building would be?

    I have heard about a Class A league that was/is going to have Evansville as one of the four teams, but they were going to play in a small 1,000 seat rink similar to McMillen Park.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the Chicago team before. He took the time to talk to the group of friends that I was with when we were waiting to greet Kelly Miller when he went to play for the Hounds in the playoffs a few years ago. Very nice guy. Craig really turned that team around during the short time that he was in operation.

    Thanks for the update.

  10. dschebig Says:

    For rnbrown: I am sorry I didn’t ask that question. I got the impression the size of the building must be fairly large. 8 to 10 thousand I would guess. Evansville can and would support a AA hockey team. They would fit the IHL footprint.

  11. sigep454 Says:

    They are in a small single “A” hockey league called the AAHA (All American Hockey Association). It is a 4 team league that formed from teams that defected from the MidWest Hockey League and the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League. The other teams are in Battle Creek, MI; Dyer, IN; and Fraser, MI (yes the old Motor City building). There is a 5th team in Michigan that is due to join the league in 2009. The Evansville team plays in the Swonder Ice Arena (1,500 seats).

    Now there is Roberts Stadium in Evansville. It seats over 10,000 and is where the University of Evansville plays their basketball games and there is an indoor football team (Evansville BlueCats) there. I do not believe they have a cooling system for hockey.

    I could not find anything about a New Arena going into Evansville, IN.

  12. dschebig Says:

    I just don’t know anymore information. Mr. Pickard I am sure only gave me enough information to wet my pallet and tease my brain. I didn’t think it was proper to pry at that time. He didn’t tell me not to tell anyone, however. I gues you could say you know everything about Evansville that I know. You just don’t know everything Paul Pickard knows. We all will in due time.

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